ARTICLE | Dazzle Dry Australia

Non-toxic, non-cured, vegan polish, Dazzle Dry launches into Australia. Professional Beauty talks to US-based creator and bio-organic chemist, Vivian Valenty, about this exciting polish range, which was 23 years in the making. (It’s time to get excited.)

US nail polish brand, Dazzle Dry has just been released worldwide. Created by US-based bio-organic chemist, Vivian Valenty and distributed by Karen Cox in Australia and New Zealand, this non-toxic, vegan-friendly polish range has been launched after 23 years on the drawing board.

What’s so exciting about Dazzle Dry, is not just the amazing colour palette on offer (there are 190 striking FDC and DC certified shades) but the fact that this polish range contains no nitrocellulose, nor any other reactive ingredients, yet sets solid in five minutes – and the staying power is impressive.

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