"Why Dazzle Dry is every Brides top pick"

Getting married? We've got you covered!

Dazzle Dry is a top pick for all brides to be and bridal parties!

One of the big things for brides on their big day is that 'everything has to be perfect' well we can guarantee that your nails are perfect when you choose Dazzle Dry!

We can't think of anything worse that noticing a chipped mani on your big day, that's why so many brides pick Dazzle Dry!

DD can last up to 3 weeks chip free! So not just the wedding day but the whole honeymoon too! No touch ups necessary.

Another reason brides love DD is that it dries in 5 minutes! Yep rock hard and no UV light required! Not just a massive time saver when you have a jam packed glam schedule but also absolutely no risk of smudging!

We know that everyone has different preferences with their nails; short, long, square, round, acrylic, natural, plain or nail art. Also a lot of people these days only use cruelty free products. All these options and variables can make it so hard to choose not only for yourself but for all your bridesmaids too!

Dazzle Dry is one of the most versatile polish systems that's cruelty free and can do it all! So everyone can agree that Dazzle Dry is THE ONE for the big day. Our polish is completely non toxic and free from nasty chemicals so it's safe for pregnant women and children to use! So even your little flower girls or ring bearers can get the DD treatment!

We have a massive range of beautiful shades, here are our top 5 shades for any blushing bride... Breathe Free - a sheer delicate white that never fails to complete any brides ensemble. Prima Ballerina - a subtle and sheer pale pink that's always on point for any occasion. Champagne Suede - a gorgeous shimmering nude that knows how to catch everyone's eye as you walk down the aisle. Alluring Charm - a dreamy pink perfect for a subtle elegant look. Down the Aisle - named appropriately because it's the perfect DD shade for the bride that wants a beautiful opalescent shimmer on her big day. If you prefer a classic french tip then we recommend using our Dazzle Dry system with our clear top coat! It can be used with acrylic or natural nails, even nail art too! It will keep your nails nourished, healthy and looking gorgeous!

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