Why Dazzle Dry is the Nail Polish You Need

Dazzle Dry is on the rise as more and more people are discovering the unique benefits of our nail polish system. There is no other nail polish product on the market that provides all the benefits that Dazzle Dry does.


What are the benefits?  

  • It dries in minutes
  • It’s very long lasting (up to 14 days on hands, even longer on feet)
  • It doesn’t crack across the surface of the polish due to the flex in the basecoat
  • It is safe for everyone in the family, including pets! This is due to the non-toxic formula and the absence of sensitising or reactive ingredients.
  • It won’t yellow nails due to the absence of nitrocellulose. ALL other polishes including gels and hybrids contain this ingredient
  • It is a treatment when used as a system – the health of your nails really do improve
  • It wears like gel nail polish, but is removed with normal polish remover
  • It’s vegan and cruelty-free


Every nail type will benefit from using Dazzle Dry. Whether your nails are dry and dehydrated, or strong and flexible, Dazzle Dry will treat your nails and improve their health, or maintain their healthy condition. While other polishes may dry out your nails or weaken them, Dazzle Dry will keep them healthy and strong. It’s all in the system!

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