Just a few Testimonials

Roxy Jacenko

Sweaty Betty PR Sydney


My mum is obsessed with your product - she wants to do it here for her nails.

Over to you two.


Doreen Jacenko

Sweaty Betty PR Sydney 

Amazing - soo impressed with the polish!! I tried it out in LA but have failed to find it here x


On-line Customer

Hello Karen,


I am loving your product soooo much and am referring to many people.


Post-medical treatment (chemotherapy), I had to have SNS on my nails for a long time 😔 and following that they were still very weak, breaking/tearing and ultra-damaged. My nails were still terrible after I ceased going to the salon and so, I tried everything to strengthen them - nothing worked until Dazzle Dry. I’m so very, very grateful to you.


I’m thrilled with my nails now and I have to keep filing them back they are growing so long and strong.


My nails are beautiful, and I get compliments all the time.





On-line customer

Hi Karen,


I’m loving the product, makes it so much easier to wear polish to work all week without ruining my nails at the salon (I had major issues when I used salon gels)😊


Thanks again,




In Style Magazine USA Feb 2019


Dazzle Dry “It’s the best stuff in the world, I wish I had invented it.



www.notsomumsy.com – Influencer 200,0000 Instagram Followers.


Thank you!

Really love the product I’ll do a follow up post.


Not So Mumsy








Podiatry & Spa Owner

Medi Pedi Nail Spa Adelaide


As a Podiatrist & owner of MediPedi, where we have combined Podiatry & Beauty, we couldn’t be more thrilled and confident with the results of Dazzle Dry. Dr Vivian Valenty’s formula has created an amazing non-toxic product that maintains nail health, has unbelievable wear time, is removed with a gentle remover and best of all air dries in 5 minutes. Our customers love Dazzle Dry & we have never looked back.



Cindy, professional nail technician, Sydney


Hi Karen


Dazzle Dry is fabulous.

My nails felt stronger than ever and the colour did not move.

Not one chip.

I am very impressed.

Thank you,



Kind regards,


Cindy Vellis




On-line customer




It’s a great product – thank you so much


Kind regards






Owner & Creator Dazzle Dry

Dr. Vivian Valenty - Owner & Creator - Dazzle Dry


Here is a personal story about chasing your dream and never giving up. When we introduced Dazzle Dry in 2007 with only nine colours and mentioned its many features and benefits, people’s remarks were “a nail tech’s dream product come true”, “too good to be true” and “a small line, will not survive”. Now with more than 230 colours and millions of bottles sold - it has been a dream come true.


Thank you to our fans and staff who believed in us! Thank you to all of our customers supporting Dazzle Dry! Thank you for sharing Dazzle Dry with your friends, relatives and acquaintances!


We could not have done this without you.