What is Dazzle Dry?

Developed in the lab. Created for the real world. Dazzle Dry uses science and salon industry experience to create truly exceptional products. A unique line of naturally advanced, high-performance nail care. From our award-winning four-step nail system to our bestselling spa line, Dazzle Dry products are formulated to give you the results you need and the long-term benefits you deserve. Dazzle Dry Australia is based in beautiful Manly Beach, NSW and your orders are processed daily.

We can't wait for you to start your journey to healthy nails! 

  • Long-Lasting

    When used as a system, Dazzle Dry delivers chip-free wear for up to two weeks. It delivers the long-lasting performance of a gel or dip system but removes with the ease of a traditional polish.

  • Quick-Drying

    Enjoy wellness without the wait time. Dazzle Dry is the only natural nail care system to offer hard-set nails in just five minutes without exposure to hazardous UV lamps.

  • Nontoxic

    Our Vegan formula is free from harmful chemicals and skin-sensitizing ingredients such as toluene, formaldehyde, TPHP, nitrocellulose, camphor, formaldehyde resin, ethyl tosylamide, phthalates, xylene, and MEK.

  • “One of my favourite vegan formulas that dries in just five minutes. It is also nontoxic and hypoallergenic, thus making it ideal for those with sensitive skin/nail beds.”

    Kourtney Kardashian via. Poosh

  • “I’ve been using this nail system for 6 months now, and it has become my favourite nontoxic nail polish and at-home mani/pedi solution.”

    Cassy Joy Garcia, Fed and Fit

  • "I truly believe this will change your nail routine FOREVER!"


  • Transform

    When used with Dazzle Dry's award-winning System, Transform smooths out nail imperfections to create a strong, vibrant, gel-like finish that lasts up to two weeks.

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  • Mattify Top Coat

    A quick-drying, non-yellowing alternative to our traditional Top Coat. Mattify Top Coat protects nails and creates a matte finish. Can be used with natural and acrylic nails.

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  • Remove

    A gentle, non-drying formula for the easy removal of lacquers and polishes. Infused with lemongrass and clove oils to help moisturize, deodorize and impart a naturally fresh scent.

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About Dazzle Dry

When meeting other people, your hands and nails are the first part of your body you present. Well-groomed and manicured nails not only attract the attention of others, but also improve our well-being, as we do not need to hide our hands, and are feel free to gesticulate, as we feel more confident. In order for your hands to look good, you need to pay attention to them. Each of us knows the basic rules of care, such as regular use of nourishing creams, especially when the air is cool and humidity is low, or the use of protective gloves during household chores. Often, women would like to have beautiful nails covered with shiny varnish in their favourite colour, but they fear that this may weaken their nail plate. Exactly the same concerns gave rise to the idea for Dazzle Dry, which was created for those who want to have a spectacular manicure made in a natural and healthy way.

Dazzle Dry is a natural nail care system that delivers the same high-performance effect as its artificial competitors. Beauty without compromising well-being was the goal of this unique system. Therefore, its hypoallergenic formula is suitable even for the most sensitive skin types. All the ingredients of Dazzle Dry products are carefully tested for quality and purity as the safety and health of users are the top priority. Dazzle Dry products are not tested on animals and also, they are formulated with vegan alternatives for carmine, guanine, urea, stearic acid, lanolin, glycerine, collagen and beeswax. The products are created in fair and ethical working conditions.

What is Dazzle Dry?

Dazzle Dry is a natural alternative to daily nail care products, providing healthy nails and polish lasting for at least two weeks. It uses a vegan, hypoallergenic, break-through formula created by bio-organic chemist Dr Vivian Valenty and backed with 30 years of research. This signature four-step system is totally free from animal testing, animal by-products and chemicals, and works in just four easy steps that will strengthen your nails and protect them from abrasion. Dazzle Dry lacquers use a long-lasting, quick-drying and nontoxic formula. Coverage lasts up to two weeks and you can remove them with the ease of traditional polish. Dazzle Dry lacquers also do not smell irritating. They have the same consistency, colour intensity and durability as their artificial competitors. Remember - beautiful nails are healthy nails!

How to use Dazzle Dry?

The Dazzle Dry system is based on four quick and easy steps that you can do yourself at home. Achieve professional-looking manicures and pedicures without having to visit the nail salon.

Step 1 - Scrub each nail with Dazzle Dry Nail Prep using one cotton pad per hand.

Step 2 - Apply two layers of Dazzle Dry Base Coat encapsulating the free edge of each nail.

Step 3 - Apply two layers of nail lacquer

Step 4 - Apply Dazzle Dry Top Coat to your nails and leave for five minutes to dry.

That’s all! Four easy steps to beautiful and healthy nails. In the “how to use it” tab, you’ll find a detailed description and tutorial movie just to make sure you are all informed how to start your journey with Dazzle Dry. The System includes Nail Prep, Base Coat, Top Coat and Revive. Note the system does not include Nail Lacquer.

Reasons to love Dazzle Dry

On our website you can shop for anything you need for healthy and beautiful looking nails. You’ll find a huge variety of shades, from deep black and grey, through hot red and coral, energetic blues and green up to elegant nude and brown. Almost 150 shades to cover all the preferences of our clients. We provide quick delivery to all states and territories of Australia, Indonesia and New Zealand.

However, if you prefer to pop into the store and see what the products look like in person, then navigate to the “stockists” tab - you will find a long list of the only trained and accredited Dazzle Dry salons & nail technicians. In our shop you can also purchase nail and skin care products like repair oils, and hand and body cream. Don’t worry if you don’t know what to choose for your special someone - buy a Gift Card to make sure they will get something they like. The Gift Cards are delivered by email with detailed instructions regarding how to redeem them at checkout. Discover the benefits of the Dazzle Dry system - it will change your nail care routine forever and will allow your nails to become stronger and healthier. Dazzle Dry proves that beauty and health can go together very well.

Finally, Dazzle Dry uses eco-conscious materials. Packaging waste was cut thanks to the use of biodegradable packing peanuts. Dazzle Dry products are also nitrocellulose free which means they don’t have an expiry date. This reduces unnecessary waste as you can use the product to the very last drop. Dazzle Dry is an innovative nail care system that is good not only for your nails but is also good for the planet. Being socially and environmentally responsible is the core of who we are and what we believe.