Collection: Nail & Skin Care

Big selection of natural nail & skin care products

Dazzle Dry offers a big selection of natural nail & skin care products that will change your nail care routine forever and will allow your nails and skin to become stronger and healthier. In the offer you will find such products like nail repair oils with moisturising plant oils packed into each bottle so they can be treated as a multivitamin for your cuticles and nails. You will also find hand and body creams that are deeply moisturizing treatments that softens and smooths callused skin or non - acetone nail polish removers and gentle cuticle removers with lanolin.

Beautiful nails are healthy nails

All the products are totally free from animal testing and chemicals. They have a hypoallergenic, vegan formula which means they are suitable even for the most sensitive skin types. They are also nitrocellulose free which means that they don’t have an expiry date. It reduces unnecessary waste as you can use the product to the very last drop. All the products condition skin and nail surface.