Find out what colour nails go with an emerald-green dress

Nail styling for an emerald-green dress What colour nails go with an emerald-green dress? This question is asked by hundreds of women who this season chose a dress in this noble colour for their friends' wedding, baptism, or other important event. Emerald is considered a very elegant colour, associated with royal court dresses. Choosing the right nail colour is very important in this case. When thinking about a perfect manicure, it is worth remembering that we choose the colour of the nails not only to the colour of the dress, but also to the shape and length of our nail...

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Beautiful nail colours for tan skin!

Nothing beautifies the hand more than natural golden tan. Sun-kissed skin makes us look healthy, radiant, and beautiful. Do you want to emphasize your tan even more? Put on an effective manicure! We will tell you which colours to choose. In addition to the shape of the plate and the length of the nails, there are also several other factors that can help you decide on the appropriate colour of the manicure. The complexion and shade of the skin are just such factors - nails in neutral colours suit all skin types and complexions. Warm colours will look good for...

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Popular nail colours that will always be fashionable

Fashionable nails? Beauty trends and more are changing like in a kaleidoscope. Each season, we learn about new colours, patterns and decorations that are worth testing. There is nothing wrong with checking out new products. It's good to know what is available on the market. But when looking for inspiration for a stylish manicure, it is also worth paying attention to the popular nail colours, which are timeless and universal, and therefore always fashionable. They are perfect for any occasion - every day, as well as for important events, and they match many items of clothing. Importantly, nail colours that...

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