You usually do your nails to look more beautiful, but did you know your nails reflect your health? You can completely see the nail diagnosis through the shape and color of the nail!

Nails have long been seen as a way to diagnose health conditions through their color and shape. When the body is healthy, the nails will be light pink, the semicircle near the base of the nail is white, the surface is smooth, there is no ridge or color change. But when there is any abnormality in color, shape, texture, thickness, etc., it is possible that your health is having problems and needs to be checked immediately. Sometimes the problems you face are just fungal infections or injuries, but sometimes there are more serious problems such as problems with the liver, heart and lungs, etc.. In this article, Dazzle Dry invites you to look at your nails to diagnose the issues through the following.

What's normal nail?

Most people don't pay too much attention to their nails because they think it's not important. The characteristic of healthy nails is that the surface is smooth, ruddy, the nails look shiny and there are no stripes or discoloration. Healthy fingernails are smooth, without pits or depressions. They're uniform in variety and consistency and liberated from spots or staining. At times fingernails foster innocuous vertical edges that run from the fingernail skin to the tip of the nail. 

Symptoms of healthy nail

Except if you fastidiously take great consideration of your nails and screen them for any little change, you probably won't realize what kinds of things to search for to decide if your nails are solid or not. Solid nails are significant, possibly more significant than you even understand, so having the option to perceive the signs you're doing OK is essential. Here are a few signs you have natural healthy nails, regardless of whether it seems like it:

healthy fingernails

They're a pink or mauve tone

Your nails ought to for the most part give off an impression of being a pale kind of pink or mauve. Furthermore it's not really the actual nails that are the shading, it's the tissue under.

They're not loaded with edges

Albeit vertical nail edges are ordinary, level edges could mean an issue. Profound flat notches in your nails are known as Beau's lines and they might highlight a more difficult issue. The presence of these lines could show a physical issue to the nail network, neglected nourishing requirements, or a contamination in the nail plate, drug responses, or even a high fever.

They don't break easily

Assuming your nails are particularly fragile, you might have a condition called onycholysis. This condition can prompt likely injury, disease, or even medication responses. Albeit a lack of iron might cause fragility, it's additionally conceivable that you are straightforward wetting and drying your nails over and over again. Assuming your nails appear to be durable and seldom break, odds are they're healthy.

They aren't nibbled short

Gnawing your nails can prompt ingrown nails and contaminated fingernail skin. One investigation even discovered that constant nail gnawing might prompt extremely durable shortening of the fingernails. In this way, on the off chance that you don't nibble your nails, you can inhale a murmur of alleviation realizing your nails are protected from contamination and other troubling circumstances.

Your nail crease isn't puffy

Assuming that the skin around the nail seems red and puffy, it implies your nail overlap is aggravated. This might be the consequence of lupus or another connective tissue issue. A nail disease can likewise cause redness and irritation of the nail overlay.

You don’t have nail fungus

The most widely recognized nail concern will in general be nail fungus. Despite the fact that we have a few medicines for this, many individuals don't understand that assuming the growth harms your nail grid, regardless of whether you treat the organism the nail might remain forever thickened and challenging to make due.

What's abnormal nail?

Nail staining or thickening can flag fundamental medical issues. There are some symptoms as below that you should not ignore:

Brown vertical stripe on the nail

This might be an indication of melanoma. While you might think the deadliest kind of skin malignant growth generally appears as a mole or dull spot, it can really begin in the nail. In the event that you have earthy colored fingernails and the staining is round, instead of straight, it very well may be another condition. For instance, earthy colored spots on nails, particularly assuming they're hollowed, could be an indication of nail psoriasis.

unhealthy nails

Brittle nails

This normal issue can happen due to an issue with your eating regimen or the synthetic compounds your hands are presented to. Assuming your body has the material to make the ideal nails, unforgiving synthetic substances can in any case separate them as they develop. Consider nails a block facade: the synthetics can eliminate the mortar that keeps the blocks intact that can incorporate cleanser water and nail clean remover.

Small white spots on nails

Many individuals think the spots are connected with a lack of nutrient, however this is really the condition, called punctate leukonychia, because of some sort of minor injury when the nail is being framed.

Series of even discouragements on the thumb

That is an exemplary indication of a propensity spasm disfigurement, where individuals constantly rub or pick the fingernail skin of the thumb with their forefinger as the nail is being framed. It makes a washboard-like series of even discouragements on the thumbnail.

Fingernail care: Do's

A comprehensive beauty is always taken care of from the smallest details. Therefore, a clean, healthy manicure and pedicure will enhance your elegance and beauty. How to take care of beautiful nails is a matter of concern for many women. To have a beautiful nail, you need to keep your nails clean and keep them healthy. Accordingly, we need to know how to take care of nails at home as follows:

Need to clean fingernails and toenails regularly

Daily cleaning of fingernails and toenails is the most important step to having beautiful and healthy nails. You need to wash your hands and nails thoroughly with soap after using the bathroom, touching objects in public places, working with computers, and cooking. This way to remove bacteria as well as dirt for the body. This is the premise to help the nails stay strong.

healthy nails tips

Limit the use of nail polish or nail polish for effective nail care

Nail polish and pedicure may be a popular beauty treatment, but this activity inadvertently makes nails weak and dull. When painting, removing nails requires the use of many harmful chemicals, which not only weaken the nails but also affect your overall health.

Therefore, you should limit the use of nail polish and nail polish remover. In case you need to make beautiful nails, you should choose colors with safe materials, low in chemicals and before using nail polish, you should use a pre-conditioning layer to protect your nails.

Need to properly trim nails

You need to trim your nails regularly to have the right nail length, more convenient in daily life. If you are going to school, there is no need to do too much housework, you can keep your nails from 1 to 3 mm long. In the case of office work, cooking or other tasks that use a lot of hands, you should cut your nails very short. You should trim your nails to the right shape and then use a file to file them lightly.

In addition, regular nail trimming can help you detect abnormalities in the nails early.

nail care tips

Do not overuse nails

A lot of people have a habit of using their nails to do some things such as opening a can of water, peeling hard seeds, picking up vegetables… In the long run, this habit will cause your nails to be damaged, easily broken, broken. Therefore, it is recommended to use other items instead, to avoid damage to the nail.

Do not bite your nails and do not come into contact with cleaning chemicals

The habit of biting your nails is extremely bad, causing damage to your nails and is unhygienic for yourself. When biting nails will cause nails to break, cut, scratch, even cause blood infections, which are extremely dangerous to health.

Besides, in daily life you have to regularly come into contact with cleaning chemicals. This causes severe damage to the nails and skin of the hands. Therefore, the best way to take care of your nails is to use protective gloves when in contact with chemicals.

Should drink a lot of water and supplement good food for nails

Water is very important for health and when provided with enough water will help your nails softer, prevent nail dryness, and nail damage. In addition, you should add many foods that are good for skin and nails such as green vegetables, fruits and biotin-rich foods in your diet, including: eggs, cauliflower, whole rice, avocados...

nail care routine

Treat nail diseases as soon as possible

Fingernails and toenails also often appear abnormal signs, indicating a number of diseases. Therefore, when you notice that your nails have changes in color, shape, nature... you should go to the hospital to be examined and treated early if any pathology is present.

Dazzle Dry Australia comprehensive nail care

Today, more consumers than ever are taking a closer look at the ingredients in their favorite cosmetic products. That’s because many commonly used ingredients can actually have adverse effects on your health and overall appearance. Reactive ingredients, for example, can become sensitizers, over time causing a person to develop contact allergies or dermatitis.

‘Can’, of course, is the operative word here as not all reactive ingredients are skin sensitizers and vice versa. To put it technically, reactive ingredients are substances that are unstable and react with other substances, thus causing them to form yet another substance. This means a reactive ingredient is more likely to be an allergen than one that is unreactive, so a product that is free of reactive ingredients is likely to be your safest bet.

non toxic nail polish australia

A skin sensitizer, incidentally, is any chemical that causes a substantial portion of people or animals to develop an allergic reaction in normal skin tissue after repeated exposure. This condition is also called chemical hypersensitivity and can lead to long term damage. See, when humans are sufficiently exposed to a skin sensitizer, they can develop what’s known as a contact allergy. Once in that sensitized state, further exposure can lead to a disease called allergic contact dermatitis. At that point, chemicals that are not sensitizers but still irritants may further cause or aggravate allergic reactions in sensitized individuals.

Most known skin sensitizers commonly found in nail care products are monomeric and oligomeric acrylates and methacrylates; this includes the cyano acrylates and methacrylates used as nail glues in nail enhancement products. They can cause irritation when coming into contact with the skin and, after prolonged or repeated contact, the immune system can become compromised, causing an allergic reaction. Once sensitized, only a trace amount of the chemical is needed for the allergic response to flare back up.

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Our products are never tested on animals. They are free of animal byproducts and formulated with vegan alternatives for carmine, guanine, urea, stearic acid, lanolin, glycerin, collagen and beeswax.


Unlike other high-performance polishes, Dazzle Dry does not contain nitrocellulose, which can cause nail plates to yellow and nail polish to degrade. Because of this, our products never expire and your nails never yellow.

non toxic nail polish

Fingernail care: Don't

  • Nail Biting: These habits can damage nails. Even a small bite on the nail can provide an opportunity for fungi and bacteria to enter.
  • Ignore Symptoms: If you have any unusual nail signs, contact your doctor for advice. Do not let the bad trait linger, leading to danger to the nails.
  • Using unsafe nail products: Minimize the use of paint remover. When using a paint cleaner, you need to choose one that contains little or no acetone.

Nail care seems to be simple, but it is a process that needs your attention. Small things can also greatly affect your nails and health safety. Take good care of your hands and feet!