Take a Nailcation

Why You Should Take a Nailcation

There are all kinds of ways to treat your body to a little R and R. Our personal favourite is taking a nailcation.

Although some may argue that your nails don’t technically breathe, they are nevertheless comprised of layers of keratin. While some people have more tightly woven layers of keratin, others – especially those whose nails have been altered through the constant use of strongly adhesive, long-wear polish – can have more porous keratin layers. This makes them more susceptible to air pockets, which appear as white spots sometimes referred to as delamination.

So if you’ve recently noticed chalky white patches on your nails, that’s a good indication that your hands and feet are due for a little nailcation. But nailcations aren’t just to repair the damage caused by long-time cosmetic wear, they’re also a proactive way to maintain healthy, happy nails. In fact, we at Dazzle Dry believe so strongly in the power of a good vacation (nail and otherwise), we’re breaking down how to give your nails the getaway they deserve.

When is a good time to take a nailcation?

Anytime! But especially if you notice signs of damage or distress on your nails (e.g. white spots, delamination, etc.).

How long should a nailcation last?

We recommend 2 to 4 weeks with no polish, depending on how unhealthy the nails appear.

What are the best products for a nailcation?

We have 2 products that will restore the nails to their blemish-free condition. The first is Mend, a nail and cuticle oil that contains phospholipids and ceramides that seep into the nail crevasses, treating damage and removing white spots. We recommend using this oil 2-3 times per day until nails are blemish-free.

The second product is Maintain, a nail and cuticle oil that uses 19 different oils to penetrate the nail plate, keeping it moisturized, supple, and less prone to breakage. This oil is ideal for maintaining nail health after it has been repaired with Mend.

What’s the difference between the Mend and Maintain oils?

Think of Mend as your deep conditioning mask and Maintain as your daily conditioner. The first is intended to repair the damaged nail. The second can be used daily to maintain nail health once it has been restored.

How often should I change my polish in the future?

Polish should be removed after 14 days or when chipping begins to occur.

How often should I take a nailcation?

If your nails are completely free of blemishes, by all means polish on, girlfriend. However, if you notice imperfections, such as peeling, dry patches, flaking, etc., that is your nails telling you they’re ready for a break.