What Are Natural Nail Services Really?

What Are Natural Nail Services Really?

Currently, many beauty salons with the name "natural nail service" are paving the way for a new experience and discovery of the nail industry worldwide. There they focus on the health of their nail technicians and clients by using safe products, vegan nail polish, and a personalized manicure environment. Besides, "natural nail" business owners also accelerate revenue with a number of complementary services such as meditation, hot stone massage and seasonal manicure and pedicure. But beyond those factors, they are also trying to make their salon more professional, high-end to attract more customers even at the most stagnant time. So what is “ Natural Nail Service”? Let's learn about this with us!

What is natural nail polish?

Brands are continuously tossing around terms like "non-poisonous," "free-from," and "clean",  yet it's difficult to tell what all that language even means assuming you're new to the spotless magnificence scene. Generally, ordinary nail brands make nail cleans that are sans 3 — and that implies they're made without the "harmful trio" (also known as formaldehyde, toluene, and dibutyl phthalate). However, natural nail polish brands take things a stride further by making super protected, eco-accommodating recipes that are 7-Free, 9-Free, and, surprisingly, 10-Free

Natural nail polish alludes to nail polish that is liberated from large numbers of the synthetic substances generally found in customary nail polish. Not at all like regular nail polish, natural nail polish is water-based, instead of dissolvable based. Natural nail polish is liberated from formaldehyde, toluene, counterfeit tones, xylene, and phthalates, which are all normal fixings in regular nail polish.

No nail polish is totally natural, however the gathering of nail polish promoted as "natural nail polish" limits utilization of engineered fixings and synthetic substances. Other than for its water base, normal nail clean for the most part contains a modest quantity of plastic, typically as polyurethane or co-polymers, and regular colorings. The plastic is utilized as a limiting specialist. Regular nail clean is dissolvable free, or involves solvents in little sums, and is non-poisonous and unscented. It won't take normal oils from fingernails and leave them dry like the impacts of customary nail polish.

What is nail enhancements

A nail enhancement is any material that can add length or solidarity to the natural nail. There are a few choices for nail improvements, yet for our motivations, we'll separate them into four classes. Fluid and Powder, Hard and Soft Gels, Fiberglass/Resin Wraps, and Dip Systems. To comprehend these classes, we want to recall our companions from prior, the acrylate polymers. Pretty much every improvement framework we referenced utilizes a type of an acrylate polymer to shape a nail covering or augmentation. They are applied in an unexpected way, have various highlights and advantages, and are utilized for various client signs.

What is UV gels

The item used to make nail augmentations utilizing gel or gel nails is gel, totally unrelated to acrylic nails, which are made utilizing fluid monomer and polymer powder. … All types of gel require relieving, or solidifying, under an UV (bright) light, which can be either a customary bulb or LED light.

UV nail gel is set straight over normal nails like nail clean. It gives normal nails the strength and solidness of acrylic tips. It's a slight, clear gel that is applied straightforwardly to the regular fingernail. UV nail gel shields the nail from everyday maltreatment like banging, composing and washing.

What is UV gel polish?

UV Gel Polish is a sort of nail varnish that permits you to delightfully appreciate

turning nails upward for 3 weeks. The contrast between exemplary nail clean and UV Gel Polish is principally the structure and a need to fix it in a LED or UV light. Crossover nail treatment is done like a conventional nail treatment, the main contrast is that rather than the exemplary paint we utilize a unique UV Gel Polish.

The reason for the execution of the half breed nail trim is the appropriate arrangement of the nail plate. Prior to applying UV Gel Polish and relieving it with a light, you want to set up a nail plate. Give it a legitimate shape, delicately strip off the skin that covers the nail plate and clean the nail plate utilizing the support block.

The subsequent stage is to apply: the base, two layers of the chosen hued UV Gel Polish and the top. Fix each layer in the light. Recollect that base and the top likewise must be fixed with the LED or UV light. The fix time relies basically upon the force of the light (UV or LED) and pigmentation of UV Gel Polish (the hazier the variety, the more extended the relieving time).

Half breed nail trim gives flawlessly looking nails no sprinkles, no streaks, no peeping and in particular, this UV Gel Polish is totally restored in UV or LED lights, so our nails are immediately dry and gleaming (except if you choose to make a matte difference ;- ) )

Mixture stains, also called UV gel clean, join the highlights of drench off and exemplary nail clean. They are appropriate for both nail treatment and pedicure, ensuring extraordinary sparkle, solidness and wonderful soaked colors.

The creation of the half breed stain frequently relies upon the maker (an ever increasing number of works on crossover variations, like MONO varnish). The cross breed varnish genuinely must have the right consistency - with the goal that while applying nail plate doesn't flood the skins.

Because of its equation the UV Gel Polish is taken out from the outer layer of the nail with acetone or acetone fluid and lotions. It is vital that subsequent to eliminating the stain and prior to applying new one, appropriately care for nail plate and saturate the skins utilizing unique olive.

What are colored acrylics?

Acrylic Nails is a popular nail art style. Because it can form many different shapes and styles, it adds a unique beauty to your hands.

Acrylic nail is one of the most popular nail art today. It is made using a polymer (powder) and a monomer (liquid). When combined together, a hard plastic is created, and it will be attached directly to the nail without the use of any lights.

What is nail dips

In recent years, Dipping Nail (also known as dipping powder nails) is being popular and developed. Dipping nails have many outstanding advantages, including the fact that there is no need to use liquid in the process of applying powder, causing no odor and irritation to customers like powder nails and gel nails. So what are the advantages of Dipping nails actually?

Previously, powder nails (Acrylic Nail) and gel nails (Gel Nail) could be considered two popular services in the market. In fact, the powder and gel nail technique gives a beautiful nail of the desired length and color durability. However, it also reveals many disadvantages, especially affecting the health of customers. Many people when going to this type of manicure, often complain about the condition of their nails not being strong such as the nail membrane and their nail structure being damaged.

When making powder nails and gel nails for customers, nail technicians also have to endure the smell of harmful chemicals such as the smell of acrylic water (monomer) or Primer (the substance that helps the powder to stick to the nail body). along with many other chemicals that can greatly affect the health of nail technicians. Nail technicians and customers alike want to find nail products that do not cause damage to their own health, as well as cause damage to real nails. (real nails). And the advent of dipping nails is a necessary change.

Why is natural nail polish better for you?

Natural nail polish generally are better for your nails due to the quality and the rejection of numerous unsafe poisons contained in customary nail polish. Natural nail polish is vegan cordial and poison free. It's incredible on the grounds that it is additionally ok for mothers-to-be. Commonly, pregnant ladies won't wear nail polish during their pregnancy since they need to guard the child from any destructive synthetic compounds. With our clean, a mother-to-be can convey her child securely while still keeping her marvelous looking nails. Regardless of whether you are not expecting, you can in any case keep your impressive look while staying solid. Likewise, natural nail polish will quite often be scratch safe and waterproof.

What is natural nail service?

We hear it all the time. Nail techs and salons claim that they only do natural nails. But if you dig a little deeper, you’ll often find that they still use UV gel polishes or dip systems – and there’s nothing natural about that.

To help you understand why salons turn to these artificial nail services, let’s give you a little backstory. Before the 1960s, traditional polish applied directly to bare nails was the only salon option. Sure, It allowed for more natural nails, but the polishes took a long time to dry and chipped within a few days.

Thus, the nail care industry set to work on developing more convenient alternatives to traditional polish: acrylic nail enhancements, UV gels, UV gel polish, colored acrylics, dips. While all of these synthetic chemical formulations offer solutions to the duration and dry time of a manicure, they could also create long-term problems – problems like contact dermatitis from reactive ingredients, unhealthy and repeated UV exposure to the skin, and damage to the natural nail plate due to the fact that they cannot be removed with a gentle application of nail polish remover.

Of course, that’s not to say you can’t get quick-drying, long-lasting nails in a natural way. Dazzle Dry works like a traditional polish. It’s painted onto the natural nail plate without the need for curing and it is removed simply by wiping with an acetone or non-acetone polish remover.

However, unlike traditional polish, Dazzle Dry uses cellulose acetate butyrate as the primary film former instead of nitrocellulose. And Dazzle Dry delivers advanced performance, drying in just five minutes (traditional polish can take up to 60 minutes to be truly hard set) with chip-free wear for up to 2 weeks.

In other words, Dazzle Dry performs as well as its artificial competitors without compromising the integrity of the natural nail. So the next time you find yourself at a salon that boasts “natural” nail care services, consider the process behind it. If it takes more than a simple wipe of nail polish remover to take off your manicure, chances are there’s nothing natural about it.

What are the natural nail service options?

From questionable ingredients to premature chipping, traditional nail treatments leave a lot to be desired. That’s why we created the Dazzle Dry System, a unique system approach to help nails look and feel their best.

By formulating our products – Nail Prep, Base Coat, Nail Lacquer, Top Coat and Revive – to work in tandem with each other, we are able to eliminate the key problems with most nail care options and produce benefits that go beyond anything else in the industry.

Quick-Drying – Forget the UV lamps and the outdated fans. The Dazzle Dry System delivers hard-set nails in just five minutes, so you can enjoy less waiting and more wowing.

Long-Lasting – No chipping. No lifting. When used together, The Dazzle Dry System offers up to 14 days of flawless wear and natural nail protection.

Nontoxic – All of our products are formulated free from sensitizing ingredients, animal byproducts and animal testing (in other words, hypoallergenic, vegan and cruelty-free).

But the benefits don’t stop there. Dazzle Dry’s proprietary four-step system gives your nails the comprehensive care they need to become healthier and stronger over time. Discover the Dazzle Dry difference and enjoy a full-sized bottle of Revive, our signature Top Coat and Nail Lacquer preserver, when you shop The System online.

The Dazzle Dry System

Our award-winning four-step nail care system is formulated with our signature Nail Prep, Base Coat, Lacquer and Top Coat. Together, it provides the fastest-drying, longest-lasting, natural nail treatment you’ve ever experienced.

Step 1: Nail Prep

Promote longer-lasting manicures with the perfect nail canvas. Nail Prep cleanses the nail plate while providing beneficial moisture, calcium, vitamin B5, & hydrolyzed protein.

To Use: Scrub each nail thoroughly with Nail Prep to remove any oils or lotions.

Step 2: Base Coat

Our Base Coat is specifically formulated for natural nails to keep polish lasting longer. Not for use on acrylic or artificial nails.

To Use: If Base Coat is cloudy or jelly-like, stand the bottle in 1 inch of hot water until the product becomes clear. Apply two layers to each nail, allowing each layer to dry matte. Avoid contact with skin to prevent lifting.

Step 3: Lacquer

Available in more than 150 shades, our Lacquer delivers quick-drying, long-lasting wear and is formulated exclusively for the Dazzle Dry system.

To Use: If Nail Lacquer is thick add 6-8 drops of Revive. Add more if necessary. Apply two layers of Nail Lacquer to each nail, allowing each layer to dry matte. Avoid contact with skin to prevent lifting.

Step 4: Top Coat

Our quick-drying, non-yellowing Top Coat provides high gloss and protection against abrasion.

To Use:  If Top Coat is thick, add 6-8 drops of Revive. Add more if necessary. Apply one layer of Top Coat to each nail after Lacquer has dried matte. Wait five minutes and you’re done!


Your Nail Lacquers and Top Coat may become thick due to evaporation.  This is perfectly normal.  Revive was designed to reconstitute your products to the desired consistency.

To Use: If Top Coat or Nail Lacquer is thick add 6-8 drops of Revive.  Add more if necessary. Do NOT add Revive to Base Coat as it will ruin the product.

Thank you for being Dazzle Dry experts and please contact us anytime if you need more information!

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