The trend of nail applying powder and gel has been too popular, especially in professional nail salons. Although they are very beautiful, the chemicals in powders and gels are harmful to health. The birth of dipping nail powder as a superior product possesses good features but is more friendly to customers and nail workers.

 So what's so special about dipping powder nails?

What Are Dip Powder Nails?

If you are a nail technician or have ever worked through powder or gel nails, you will immediately recognize the strong smell of powdered liquid and support products. Long-term exposure to odors, or chemicals when doing nails will greatly affect health.

In addition, customers often complain about the condition of their nails being weak, the nail surface is damaged by applying powder, sometimes even nail fungus because the nail layer is too thick, making the real nail cannot grow.

It's time to have a change, beautify in a safer way. Both customers and nail technicians want to find a product that improves these defects. Industry experts have researched to produce nail dip powder with many preeminent benefits.

Dipping nail powder will look like powder in powder, but the way to use it is different. Dipping powder is composed of acrylic powder with very fine particles, combined with resin (a plastic substance used in cosmetics), adding some ingredients such as calcium, vitamin E... to nourish nails stronger.

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Dip Powder Nails vs Gel Nails and Acrylic Nails

Women always want to look good and with this in mind, entrepreneurs and manufacturers have developed many products to meet the needs of women. Fashion accessories such as bags, shoes, jewelry and even nail accessories are available in most boutiques and boutiques anywhere in the world.

Nail extensions, false nails, false nails or whatever you want to call these accessories are fast becoming a trend. They are nail coatings and some are made to look like normal nails with design. There are many materials that can be made into artificial nails; The most widely used artificial nails are dip powder nails, gel nails and acrylic nails. So what is different between them?

Dip powder nails

Dipping nail powder will look like powder in powder, but the way to use it is different. Dipping powder is composed of acrylic powder with very fine particles, combined with resin (a plastic substance used in cosmetics), adding some ingredients such as calcium, vitamin E ... to nourish nails stronger.

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Acrylic nails

Acrylic nails are the most commonly used false nails. They are more affordable and you can put them on yourself. All you need is a special glue designed to apply the nails. Putting designs on acrylic nails is too easy; All you need is a little artistic touch.

Acrylic nails are often worn to help hide broken, damaged, or ugly nails. It also protects the nail from further breakage and division. The durability of acrylic nails makes them perfect for this purpose.

In addition to acrylic nails, the function can also enhance the appearance of nails. You can put polish and design on them to make them look attractive.

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Gel nails

Nail gel and acrylic nails are made of the same material, monomer and polymer powder. The difference is that gel nails contain oligomers, which are short-chain monomers that make artificial nails more flexible.

You may have gel nails, in which the fingers are placed under ultraviolet light for two minutes to harden; This is called light curing gel nails. Non-light gel nails are also available and are accomplished by applying or spraying the nail with a special gel activator or by dipping the nail in water.

Gel nails look very similar to natural nails. They are thin and glossy and odorless. Because of its thinness, nails tend to break easily and even though they don't polish well. Also, they are more expensive than other artificial nails and when they break and you have to fix them, you will need professional help.

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How Does Dip Powder Work?

Dip powder is a fairly simple form of beauty, using a layer of powder applied on top of your nails. The spa staff will create a mixture of colored chemicals to make your hands stand out. These chemicals include polymers and monomers, which work to make nails long and hard, creating conditions for decorating eye-catching patterns. Usually, nail powder has a drying time of 30 - 60 minutes, in the form of natural drying. However, after returning home, you should not expose your hands to water for 8 hours.

The Benefits of Dip Powder Nails

Dip powder nails are like a complete combination of powder and gel: it has the strength of powder nails, and has a bright, clear color like gel nails. And especially, greatly reduce the impact on health and nails when doing.

Specifically, the method of using dip powder has the following benefits:

  • Dipping powder contains vitamin E and calcium for stronger nails.
  • Branded dip powder products have organic ingredients and are tested by the FDA before being sold on the market.
  • The technique of dipping powder will limit nail damage when making, because the dipping powder layer is not thick, light and natural.
  • Powder supporting products do not have a strong smell and do not contain liquid or primer chemicals, so they are safer for health.
  • Strong nails, keep the color fresh for 2-3 weeks.
  • Can do techniques such as: natural, pink & white, color, glitter, ombre...

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  • No need to use UV lamps to dry nails.
  • Simple techniques are easier to implement than applying powder, suitable for those who are new to the profession, who are not good at applying powder.
  • The nail removal is also gentler, less harmful, just soak your hands in acetone to be able to remove it.

With the benefits mentioned above, surely nail workers will feel very interested in this technique. In general, each technique has its own advantages, when you are properly trained and skilled, it will limit the effects in the nail making process.

The Drawbacks

Besides the beauty effect that applying nail powder brings, there are also some harmful effects such as:

  • Diseases of nails: nail inflammation, yellowing, corner sores. The reason is that the owner of the nail does not know how to properly maintain and care for the nail. You must clean and replace the new nail polish regularly, avoiding the situation of leaving the nail powder for too long from day to month. Then the powder layer will stick to the nail causing yellowing and infection.

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  • Ease of infection of the corner of the flesh, inflammation of the corner: The reason is that the nail technician does not know how to properly remove the corner of the nail, take it too deep, causing bleeding & damage to the skin of the corner. If you do not know how to clean and disinfect properly, it is also the cause of nail infection.
  • Hard dry nails: the cause may be because daily you are exposed to too many chemicals such as dishwashing liquid, washing powder, detergent, etc., making nails easy to dry, difficult to remove the old powder layer.

In general, applying nail powder is completely harmless if you know how to properly protect your nails and choose a reputable and quality nail place. Currently, there are quite a few nail salons springing up to serve the beauty needs of women, but choose a trustworthy place, don't choose because of your passion for beauty.

If you know how to follow the instructions of a professional nail salon, you don't need to worry too much every time you apply nail powder.

How to apply dip powder nails?

Step 1

Clean the nails with the basic steps of trimming, trimming, and filing so that the nails are of moderate length and neat.

Step 2

Use a thin layer of special solution as a nail primer, which will dehydrate and remove excess oil on the nails so that your dip will be dry and easier to do.

Step 3

Paint the base layer of essence used for dipping powder to ¾ of the nail, then quickly dip your hands in the basic white powder. This step acts as a base to disguise the nail lines that are usually seen on the nails to disappear, making the main color powder look smoother.

Step 4

Let the dipping powder dry before going to the next step so that when you apply the gloss, the paint will be smooth and smooth without bumps or lines that reduce the nail model's aesthetic.

Step 5

After 2-3 minutes, choose the color of dough you will dip. Do the same as step 2, dip your hands in the powder while the base layer is still wet so that the powder is evenly spread all over the nail surface.

Step 6

When you see that there are points of nail powder that are not sticky, paint the remaining white spots and dip your hands in the powder again to cover the defects. Remember to wait for the nails to dry a bit before applying the next base coat, you don't need to rush to damage the nails.

Step 7

Decorate your nails with other hot trends, such as glittery glitter powder to make the nail design stand out more. Make the dip dough similar to the steps above.

Step 8

After finishing dipping the nail powder, wait for it to dry, paint a base layer, dip one more basic white powder to smooth the nails, paint a layer of nail essence to keep the powder hard and dry quickly. Finally, wait for it to dry, then apply a layer of top coat to protect the nail.

How Long Does a Dip Powder Manicure Last?

A question many women have when applying nail polish is how long dip powder manicure will last. Actually, this is a question with no definite answer. Because the durability of the nails will depend a lot on your aftercare and the skill of the manicurist.

Besides, the quality of the dip powder manicure layer will also directly affect the durability of the nail. If the manicurist is skilled and the quality of the powder is good, the retention time will be longer.

Normally, the average time to keep powder in the nail falls between 10 and 15 days. If you can take better care, this time can be extended by a few days.

After you've done your nails, your nail technician will show you a few things to keep in mind for your nails. Follow the advice of experts. At that time, your nail powder will be kept for a long time.

How Do You Remove Dip Powder Nails?

Putting dip powder on the nails is a quick and simple process, so many people choose this service when going to the nail salon. In addition, the removal of powder nails is also quick and simple, and you can do it at home. Whichever method you choose, you'll keep your nails strong and beautiful.

  • File the surface of the nail with a file tool. The removal of the polish on the powdered nail is very important in the powder removal process. File each nail thoroughly and evenly - that way, it's more efficient to remove powdered nails.
  • Wet cotton wool with pure acetone. You can cut a cotton ball into nail-sized pieces, or use a whole cotton ball to soak it in 100% pure acetone. Each cotton ball will be used to cover one nail. You shouldn't wet the cotton ball with acetone, just enough to wet the nail.
  • Wrap foil around your nail to hold the cotton ball in place. Once the cotton ball is wet with acetone, you will place the cotton balls on each nail. Wrap a small piece of foil on each nail, making sure the foil wraps around the nail and secures the cotton ball. Don't just wrap the foil on the nail, you should wrap the part of your finger so the foil doesn't fall off.

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  • Wait 10-15 minutes for the nail to absorb the acetone. Waiting 10-15 minutes will help the acetone to work. Try not to move the foil or cotton balls repeatedly during the waiting time
  • Remove foil and cotton balls from nails. When removing the foil and cotton balls, you should gently press on each nail so that the cotton can wipe away the powder. Remove all foil and cotton balls and file away any excess powder.

Now, you know the different methods to remove dip powder nails. However, remember to remove the nail polish slowly and patiently, as it is important that you do not damage the natural nail surface while removing the artificial nail.