Extension gel is a beauty product that has been around for many years and is used by many people to lengthen their nails. It was created by manicurists to enhance the brittleness of the nails and make them much easier to work with when shaping them into the desired shape. In addition, the extension gel can also be used as an adhesive for artificial nails or artificial nails applied over natural nails. This blog post will introduce you to what an extension gel is, how it works, who can benefit from using this product and some of the best brands on the market today.

What are gel nail extensions? Gel nail extensions and acrylic nails

Gel nails are fake nails made from a mixture of nail polish and gel. They can be used to dramatically change the look of your hands when applied over natural nails or over pre-existing artificial nails in whole or in part. The gel layer itself is mainly composed of monomers, which helps to create high-quality shiny nails for several weeks without chipping. Usually, extras like glitter flakes or shared patterns will accentuate this effect for extra shine and attraction. That means that after applying the gel polish, you don't need any other products like UV or LED lights to make it harden. All you need is some time (mostly 10 minutes) before going back to normal work with your hands.

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Women's beauty rituals have long been more than simply makeup and hairdo. Nowadays, it is not only the face and body that need to be cared for and beautified, but also the hands. Many women often complain of dry skin on their hands and fingers as well as ugly nails. Sometimes it's due to a bad diet or a lack of essential vitamins, but there are times when hands look good with just a little long-lasting nail polish or gel polish. The benefits of such procedures can help you feel more attractive by making your nails more beautiful than ever!

Gel nail extensions and acrylic nails

Not everyone has the patience to sit down and paint their nails every morning (or evening) and dress their nails up perfectly for the next day. This is why so many people turn to fake nails. Although there are quite a few types of fake nails, in this article, we would like to cover acrylic nails and gel nails. Although they look quite similar, they are two very different types of false nails.

Acrylic nails

Acrylic nails are one of the most popular types of false nails, not to mention one of the oldest. It's a combination of liquid monomer and polymer powder that will form a protective layer when applied.when you use. Acrylic nails will dry quickly once applied and can make nail polish a lot easier.

acrylic nails

Acrylic nail maintenance time

Acrylic nails have a longer hold than gel nails, if the adhesion time of gel nails is about 2 weeks. However, you should visit the salon once a week for nail care; We will talk about this later.

In short, the life of acrylic nails can last up to a few years if you take care and maintain them properly.


-Acrylic nails are more cost-effective than gel nails, although you will have to pay for regular nail maintenance.

  • You won't need to go to the salon to fix it if your acrylic nails are broken.
  • The maintenance time of acrylic nails is longer than gel nails.
  • You can remove acrylic nails yourself at home without going to a salon.
  • Acrylic nails are durable and make them stronger.


  • Acrylic nails don't look as real as gel nails, depending on the quality of the acrylic powder. Chemicals used in acrylic manicure can be harmful if inhaled.
  • Must maintain nails regularly.

Gel nails

Gel nails are also quite similar to acrylic nails, but look more natural than acrylic nails. True to its name, gel nails are made up of a layer of gel that is carefully brushed onto the tip of the nail. After the manicurist has applied each coat, you must place the nail under ultraviolet (UV) light for about two minutes to "cure" or harden the coat.

gel nail extension vs acrylic

Gel nail maintenance time

The difference between acrylic nails and gel nails is that gel nails only last for a few weeks or a little more. Furthermore, in some cases the gel powder dissolves when dipped in acetone after 2 weeks, while in some cases nails must be filed in a salon to remove.


  • Does not scratch or damage natural nails due to the very safe gel manicure method.
  • The flexibility of gel nails is higher than acrylic nails.
  • Due to the use of less chemicals, gel nails do not emit unpleasant scents. Research has shown that gel nails are more environmentally friendly than acrylic nails.
  • Gel nails require no maintenance.


  • The durability of gel nails is worse than acrylic nails.
  • If the gel nail is damaged, you will not be able to fix it at home, but have to consult a professional.
  • Gel nail file is required to remove the nail.

How to apply gel nail extensions?

Gel nail extension method: Gel nails are also known as UV-LED nails or Builder Gels Nails. The key difference between regular acrylic and gel is that with acrylic we apply liquid and with building gel we apply powder and then cure under UV light (or LED light). Gel nail extension is like gel polish: we apply it thickly with a brush, process under a lamp and repeat this process until the desired thickness is achieved. It's a bit more complicated but well worth learning as the result is flatter and less dense.

  1. Trim the tips if necessary, File the natural nail surface with a 180 grit file to remove shine and create roughness for better gel adhesion.
  2. Prepare nails by cleaning/removing oil from nails with pre-soak solution or gentle scrubbing pad.
  3. Apply a thin layer of primer on nail and cure under UV/LED lamp.
  4. Apply the building gel evenly over the natural nail in three strokes.
  5. Guaranteed again under UV/LED lamp.
  6. If necessary, apply color gel evenly on natural nail.
  7. Once again curing under UV/LED lamp.
  8. Apply a second layer of building gel in two swipes.
  9. Cure under UV/LED lamp.
  10. Gently polish the surface with a fine-grained pad then clean the adhesive with alcohol and a cotton pad.
  11. Top gel application and curing under UV/LED lamp.
  12. Gently polish the nail with a fine file to remove any surface stickiness.
  13. Clean rough surfaces with a gentle cleanser and exfoliator - you've got a new perfect gel set!

How long do gel nail extensions last?

gel nail extension tips

On average, 3-4 weeks. Some girls can't even wait long to have them removed! This depends on how hard you work (daily work or sports) and environmental factors (the weather is too hot or too cold). Once properly applied, they usually don't lift for the first 2-3 days of wear so no need to file there. But after about 5-10 days they start to feel looser than usual. At this point, the filing will be so light that removal takes no more than 10 seconds per nail by pressing hard with a regular file. Gel nails fall off easily and file out with the same amount of pressure applied during the filing process (do not scratch or scrape the gel off). At this stage, we recommend just wearing them at home and not going out: you should let your natural nails breathe without any product for a day or two.

Are gel nail extensions safe?

If applied and removed properly, gel extensions are very safe. They are considered a healthier version of acrylics, especially since they do not contain dust or harsh chemicals like methyl methacrylate. You just need to make sure you find an expert you trust and who has good reviews.

They are only harmful to nail health if they are not removed properly. No intensive polishing required. However, like normal nails, a professional should remove gel extensions, preferably the person who applied them so they know exactly what type of gel they are removing for less damage.

To remove the gel extension, the manicurist will file about 85% of the extension and soak the remaining gel in acetone-coated aluminum foil and wait 15 minutes. It then gently pushes the product away and polishes the nail naturally. The removal process only takes up to 30-40 minutes.

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