Natural nails are a modified form of skin, made up of a tough layer of keratin that grows from the dorsal cuticles of the fingers and toes.

Natural nails have a protective function, helping the dense neural network in the extremities from being damaged, and they also work to increase the sensitivity of touch in the fingertips and feet. Besides, it is also a weapon for self-defense, attack, and nails also reflect the health status of the body.

In healthy people, each day the nails grow about 0.1-0.15 mm long, fingernails grow faster than toenails, the growth rate depends on different individuals (increasing rapidly in children and young people). , decreased in the elderly) and also varied between nails. Besides, the weather also shows a certain influence, specifically, the nail will grow faster in summer than in winter. The average growth time of the nail from the eponychium to the nail margin is about 6 months.

Why We Believe in Natural Nails

There are many beautiful gel polishes, nail designs, and acrylic and silk nails accessible. How many women need a natural nail? A ton of reasons, and here is why:

The impacts of synthetic substances from acrylic nails and certain gel clean can cause shortcoming on the nail bed, and result in nail harm.

Different impacts incorporate malignant growth causing and endocrine-disturbing poisons that are invested in the body. These synthetic compounds incorporate formaldehyde, xylene, toluene, DPB, or camphor to give some examples.

Late investigations show that the poisonousness of the synthetics is in the body in something like 10 minutes of clean is applied.

Notwithstanding remarks as to Nex-Gen or Acrylic nails being protected, the nails are as yet having a compound non-permeable polymer applied. The non-permeable nature makes the nails hold in dampness. Dampness, when caught, can prompt organism and bacterial diseases on the nail plate.

unhealthy nails

The nails are demonstrative of the soundness of the body. At the point when they are compromised, the indications of missing minerals or nutrients will be remembered fondly.

Having the appropriate dampness balance in the nail plate energizes nail development. The perfect proportion of dampness begins with the fingernail skin.

Regular nails, when sound, will actually want to flex and endure typical development. This incorporates twists, breaks, and tears.

Extraordinary regular nails start with legitimate nail arrangement that incorporates the utilization of vitamin B5, hydrolyzed wheat protein, and calcium.

Ways to Have Pretty, Natural Nails

Beauty is the need of women, in which it is impossible not to do nails. Just like having strong hair or a great retouching regimen, a healthy set of well-manicured nails is also an integral part of all of us, especially for women.

Unfortunately, however, experts say that both men and women can fall victim to improper nail setting methods. To help you design your own nails at home, we offer some tips for you as below:

You should not cut into the epidermis part of the skin

You should regularly trim your nails, but do not cut the cuticle on the nail. This is because these layers of the epidermis are a natural barrier to prevent fungi and bacteria from entering the skin. Cutting away the cuticle means that the protective layer is also lost. This not only makes the cuticles look worse, leaving them red, swollen, and even crushed. It also makes the manicure infected and uncomfortable, which can lead to permanent nail damage. In addition, you should use a nail file to make your nails neater.

natural nails manicure

Consider carefully before using nail hardener

Experts recommend that nail hardener products have not been clinically studied, so most of these products are not scientifically recommended. Unless your nails are particularly weak and fragile, you need to use these substances. However, using a nail hardener is mostly not beneficial. Ideally, to keep your nails from getting damaged, you should avoid anything that makes your nails brittle and vulnerable.

Don't forget to moisturize your nails and cuticles

One of the effective nail care is that you should regularly moisturize your nails. While there is little medical data to show that moisturizing your nails will help them grow longer, in fact, moisturizing your nails can actually help improve the cuticle around your nails, while keeping your nails healthy. Fragile due to lack of moisture. If your nails break easily, this could be a sign that they need moisture.

Therefore, you need to take care of your nails by applying moisturizer around the cuticle. This not only helps to moisturize the entire nail, but also reduces the rate of chipping, cracking, and splitting.

natural nails tips

Adding biotin nutrients

According to a number of studies, researchers have found that supplementing with biotin (a B vitamin) helps increase nail thickness and at the same time makes nails strong, not brittle, easy to break. In a study in Germany, evaluating 45 people with severe nail problems, the results showed that if they took 2.5 mg of biotin daily for several months, up to 91% of them had Visible changes, helping to improve nail health significantly.

Some nail products also contain silicones and MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane, an organic form of sulfur) additives. These two nutrients are closely related to nail health.

There are biotin-rich foods such as whole grain rice, eggs, cauliflower, avocado, which are not difficult to find in the market. What are you waiting for without adding them to your diet to support your nail care more health.

It's best to limit your manicure and pedicure

It's hard for the sisters to pass up the opportunity to own luxuriously manicured nails, or force them not to pamper their toenails or fingernails anymore. But a recent study found that women with a passion for manicure often have brittle nails, which are most prone to drying and thinning. Doctors theorize that exposure to more toxic chemicals and ingredients may be to blame.

Experts say women who regularly trim their nails are also more susceptible to chronic nail infections. The evidence is that their nails are often puffy, and the area around the nail is red. When you look at the fingers and the area around the nails, if they are quite flat, you can rest assured that you have a pretty healthy set of nails. However, if it's puffy and uneven, it could be a sign of a chronic nail infection.

Avoid nail polish removers that contain acetone

There is one product to protect nails from brittle and fragile that all dermatologists recommend avoiding using that is nail polish remover that contains the chemical acetone. Acetone is also known as Finger Nail Polish Removers, Dimethyl Formaldehyde – a very common chemical in the nail industry. The effects of this chemical can thin nails and make them more brittle.

Avoid using nail files that are too rough and rough

Old fashioned nail files are really not suitable for nails. These types of tools can cause small cracks, even broken nails or worse. Instead of using such rough and rough nail files, you should choose nails that are gentler, smoother and less rough. Besides, you should file nails in only one direction, file slowly and steadily to reduce the risk of damaging and breaking the nail.

how to maintain natural nails

Avoid excessive hand washing and limit contact with cleaning chemicals

Washing your hands too much can wreak havoc on your nails. If you're in a job where frequent hand washing is required, you should use moisturizer as much as possible. At the same time, you can apply the cream around the cuticle several times a day.

When doing household chores or doing laundry, to minimize your exposure to harsh nail chemicals like dishwashing liquid or laundry detergent, wear rubber gloves whenever your nail care routine is up to you. .

Consider before changing the type of shampoo

Most of the shampoo you're using will probably work for your hair, but probably won't work for your nails. Experts say this is especially true of detergent-based shampoos, or shampoos for people with oily hair, that are designed to separate fats and other natural oils from the scalp. . If your nails are very dry and you are using any shampoo products that have an oil-control effect on your scalp, that could also be the cause of your brittle nails.

Limit the frequent use of false nails to lengthen the nails

All experts say that, in general, artificial nail extensions to lengthen your nails are not good for your nails. That's because they often lead to fungal or even bacterial infections, which can cause permanent nail damage. If you must apply false nails, only apply to the tip of the nail. This can of course still have an adverse effect on the health of the nail, but the potential for harm is less because the surface area covered is also smaller.

Don't forget to take care of your toenails

With all the nail tips above, you can also apply them to your toenails. Because the feet often have to wear shoes - a dark and humid environment, so the fungus will have easier conditions to grow. Experts recommend that if you regularly take care of your toenails, you should use your own manicure tools and never damage the bottom of the nail or around the cuticles. Furthermore, cutting your toenails at two angles – rather than keeping them straight – increases the risk of toenails growing into the skin, which can be painful and sometimes develop an infection.

natural nails manicure

Don't forget to monitor the condition of your nails to detect signs of health

Paying attention to the condition of your nails as they can sometimes be a reflection of a problem with your overall health. Here are some health signs based on your fingernails:

  • White nails: liver disease;
  • Half pink half white nails: kidney disease;
  • Nail yellowing and thickening slows down growth: lung disease;
  • Yellow fingernails: diabetes.

When you detect any problem on your nails or suspect your health problem, you should discuss with your doctor to be correctly identified.

If possible, you should avoid using false nail methods to make your nails as long as possible, and design your nails more.

Beautiful hands with perfectly strong nails need measures to protect and repair nails as well as supplement necessary nutrients for nails.

If you are a major nail enthusiast, to minimize possible problems, it is best to have your own nail kit. So if you go to the salon or even get a manicure, don't forget to bring them. This will definitely reduce dangerous duplication and help you have a healthy set of nails.

Dazzle Natural nail polish

From questionable ingredients to premature chipping, traditional nail treatments leave a lot to be desired. That’s why we created the Dazzle Dry System, a unique system approach to help nails look and feel their best.

By formulating our products – Nail Prep, Base Coat, Nail Lacquer, Top Coat and Revive – to work in tandem with each other, we are able to eliminate the key problems with most nail care options and produce benefits that go beyond anything else in the industry.

Quick-Drying – Forget the UV lamps and the outdated fans. The Dazzle Dry System delivers hard-set nails in just five minutes, so you can enjoy less waiting and more wowing.

Long-Lasting – No chipping. No lifting. When used together, The Dazzle Dry System offers up to 14 days of flawless wear and natural nail protection.

Nontoxic – All of our products are formulated free from sensitizing ingredients, animal byproducts and animal testing (in other words, hypoallergenic, vegan and cruelty-free).

But the benefits don’t stop there. Dazzle Dry’s proprietary four-step system gives your nails the comprehensive care they need to become healthier and stronger over time. Discover the Dazzle Dry difference and enjoy a full-sized bottle of Revive, our signature Top Coat and Nail Lacquer preserver, when you shop The System online.

dazzle dry

The Dazzle Dry nail services

Our award-winning four-step nail care system is formulated with our signature Nail Prep, Base Coat, Lacquer and Top Coat. Together, it provides the fastest-drying, longest-lasting, natural nail treatment you’ve ever experienced.

Step 1: Nail Prep

Promote longer-lasting manicures with the perfect nail canvas. Nail Prep cleanses the nail plate while providing beneficial moisture, calcium, vitamin B5, & hydrolyzed protein.

To Use: Scrub each nail thoroughly with Nail Prep to remove any oils or lotions.

Step 2: Base Coat

Our Base Coat is specifically formulated for natural nails to keep polish lasting longer. Not for use on acrylic or artificial nails.

To Use: If Base Coat is cloudy or jelly-like, stand the bottle in 1 inch of hot water until the product becomes clear. Apply two layers to each nail, allowing each layer to dry matte. Avoid contact with skin to prevent lifting.

Step 3: Lacquer

Available in more than 150 shades, our Lacquer delivers quick-drying, long-lasting wear and is formulated exclusively for the Dazzle Dry system.

To Use: If Nail Lacquer is thick add 6-8 drops of Revive. Add more if necessary. Apply two layers of Nail Lacquer to each nail, allowing each layer to dry matte. Avoid contact with skin to prevent lifting.

Step 4: Top Coat

Our quick-drying, non-yellowing Top Coat provides high gloss and protection against abrasion.

To Use:  If Top Coat is thick, add 6-8 drops of Revive. Add more if necessary. Apply one layer of Top Coat to each nail after Lacquer has dried matte. Wait five minutes and you’re done!


Your Nail Lacquers and Top Coat may become thick due to evaporation.  This is perfectly normal.  Revive was designed to reconstitute your products to the desired consistency.

To Use: If Top Coat or Nail Lacquer is thick add 6-8 drops of Revive.  Add more if necessary. Do NOT add Revive to Base Coat as it will ruin the product.

Thank you for being Dazzle Dry experts and please contact us anytime if you need more information!