The beauty needs of women in the modern context are increasing day by day. In particular, following the trends of imports from countries around the world, women love and care for their nails more and more. But have you ever thought about the benefits of nail lacquer? And do you know if there is any harm caused by regularly painting nails? All this will be answered through the following article.

What is nail lacquer?

Nail lacquer is a product of recent origin and has only appeared on the market in the last few years. There are cosmetic companies that advertise their beauty products using the name “nail lacquer.” This is a quick-drying liquid containing pigments that leave a coating on the nails that not only acts as a natural protection, but also creates a shine that makes nails look incredibly beautiful. The main ingredient that acts as a thin film on the nails after drying is nitrocellulose. Plastics and plasticizers are added to this nitrocellulose to make it resistant to water and soap. Color or pigment is added to this mixture to create nail polish.

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Nail lacquer ingredients

Basic clear nail lacquer can be made from nitrocellulose dissolved in butyl acetate or ethyl acetate. Nitrocellulose forms a shiny film when the acetate solvent is evaporated. However, most lacquer contains an extensive list of ingredients:


Solvents are liquids used to mix other ingredients in nail lacquer to create a uniform product. Usually, the first ingredient in nail lacquer is the solvent. After you apply the lacquer, the solvent will evaporate. The amount and type of solvent determines the thickness of a clear coat and the drying time. Examples of solvents include ethyl acetate, butyl acetate, and alcohols. Toluene, xylene and formalin or formaldehyde are toxic chemicals that were once common in nail polish but are now rarely found or found only in low concentrations.

Film-forming agents

Film-forming agents are chemicals that create a smooth surface on nail lacquer. Formerly the most common film forming agent was nitrocellulose.


The resin makes the film adhere to the nail. Resin is the ingredient that gives depth, shine and hardness to nail polish films. An example of a polymer used as a resin in nail lacquer is tosylamide-formaldehyde resin.


While resins and film forming agents give shine, they create a brittle lacquer finish. Plasticizers are chemical substances that help keep the lacquer flexible and reduce the chance of it cracking or crumbling, which they do by binding to polymer chains and increasing the distance between them. Camphor is a common plasticizer.


Pigments are chemicals that add color to nail lacquer. An amazing variety of chemicals can be used as nail polish pigments. Common colorants include iron oxides and other coloring agents, such as those found in paints or varnishes.


Nail lacquer with a shimmer effect may contain pearlescent minerals, such as titanium dioxide or ground mica. Some polishes may contain bits of glitter or other additives that create special effects.

Additional Ingredients

Nail lacquer may contain thickeners, such as stearalkonium hectorite, to keep other ingredients from separating and make the paint easier to apply. Some lacquer contains UV filters, such as benzophenone 1, which help prevent discoloration when the lacquer is exposed to sunlight or other forms of ultraviolet light.

The benefits of nail lacquer

Traditionally, nail lacquer starts with transparent colors like white, red, pink, purple and black. Nail lacquer is shown with a variety of designs and different shades on the nails, through the hands of the artists. Nail lacquer designs are developed in a variety of different ways, and are often three-dimensional. They may have cracks, sparkles, scales, or speckles. Stone and beaded motifs are also popular.

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Besides the aesthetic effect that nail lacquer brings. It is also the ultimate weapon of any nail artist. They can unleash their creativity on nails with paint cans.

As mentioned above, current nail lacquer, in addition to people putting color components with different glosses and mattes. Then people also add nail lacquer ingredients to moisturize the nails, nourish the nails, limit the drying of the nails, and the cracking of the nails.

The harms besides the benefits of nail lacquer that you should know

Besides the benefits of nail lacque, its harms you also need to know:

The yellow nail trait appears when regular nail lacquer is applied

You may have yellow nails when the ingredients of nail lacquer are mostly chemicals. They contain a variety of pigment components, including a variety of mineral pigments and synthetic pigments. These pigments, when used for a long time, will yellow or darken nails

Nail fungus

Nail fungus is caused by candida or trichophyton bacteria. They appear very common in girls who often paint their nails. Their expression is milky white dots near the base of the nail, which over time will lead to inflammation and swelling. More dangerously, this disease can be transmitted through nail tools when you share them with others. Early detection and testing is essential to protect yourself and others.

Advice for you when going to manicure, should bring your own set of separate manicure tools. To avoid getting diseases from other people and vice versa.

Nails are easy to thin and weak

In nail lacquer contains Formaldehyde. This substance in paint is the main cause of thin and weak nails.

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Nail lacquer how to use

The most effective method to apply nail lacquer:

Step 1: As usual, you will need to first prepare your nails. Disinfect your hands and tenderly resistant fingernail skin.

Step 2: File your nails to the ideal shape with a 180 grit

Step 3: Using a build up free wipe, clean the nail with alcohol.

Step 4: Apply a flimsy layer of Nail Lacquer Base Coat from fingernail skin to free edge.

Step 5: Allow Base Coat to dry completely. Using Nail Lacquer shade of decision, apply a slim layer from fingernail skin to the free edge. Make certain to cover the tips of the nail to guarantee total inclusion.

Rehash step 5 giving each layer time to dry in the middle. Each nail ought to have 2 layers of finish.

Step 6: Apply a slim layer of Nail Lacquer Top Coat from fingernail skin to free edge. Make sure to cover the tips.

Step 7: Apply Nail Cuticle oil to the skin encompassing the nail to have a total, fed, and calcium enhanced gel clean nail treatment!

At the point when you need to eliminate the enamel or change tones, just apply some Revel Nail Acetone with a cotton ball and tenderly eliminate the variety.

Nail lacquer and nail polish difference

Nail polish and nail lacquer are utilized with the end goal of nail assurance. Polish is a varnish applied on the nails to make them gleaming, though nail finish is a lot thicker arrangement.

Nail lacquer gives a sparkling impact and gives thick covering to the nails. This covering safeguards the nails from the outside factors like breaking and chipping. Also, who doesn't cherish a little tone?

To apply a veneer to something is to give a smooth and polished finish to that substance. Along these lines, nail enamels are nail lacquer, with added thickness for shockingly better insurance. Finishes are known as stains which get dry rapidly, when applied to the nails. They likewise give a shiny focus on the nails with a frivolity.

So, Nail Polishes are utilized basically for variety and stylistic layout, and Nail Lacquer is for assurance. In this day and age of so many polish choices, it tends to be overpowering to conclude which decision is an ideal best for you. Recollect the contrast among shines and enamels on your following visit, and afterward all you should do is pick a tone.

Lacquer Coverage Basics

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Just as makeup makes a woman's face look better, nail lacquer also makes a woman's hand more attractive. Since then, more nail lacquer has appeared on the market with prices ranging from affordable to high-end. The variety of colors of products is also gradually increasing.

However, not everyone has time to go to the salon to beautify their nails. There will be people who choose to buy nail lacquer and make it at home. However, if you want to have a beautiful nail lacquer like at the salon, you need to know how to choose the right lacquer.

The Dazzle Dry system would like to introduce some good nail lacquer at affordable prices to help our valued refer and choose a product for yourself:

Full-coverage, sheer, semi-sheer — when it comes to lacquer coverage, the options can be overwhelming. Fortunately, navigating nail polish terms isn’t too different from picking out pantyhose or tights. And to help you find your perfect match, we’re breaking down the basics on lacquer coverage.

Full coverage

Our most impenetrable polish. Full Coverage lacquers deliver what they promise in just one to two coats.

Full Coverage Bestsellers:  Anticipation, White lightning, Less Is Mauve, Its Not U It's Me, Broadway Beige, Faith, Mythic Teal, Carnival coral, Passionate Red, Smitten, Sentimental, Love, Holly Berry, Rapid Red, Lavender Parade,  Oh My!, Radiant, Panache, Boss,  Yoga Mama, Alluring Charm, Starstruck, Ocean Motion, Portia’s Wit, Dawning Desire


Think of semi-sheer as semi-coverage. Even with two coats, these lacquers allow a little transparency.

Semi-Sheer Bestsellers:  Prima Ballerina, Touch of Love, Livin La Vida Yoga, Breathe Free, Strawberry Macaron, Rose Quartz


Sheer: A lacquer that leaves little to the imagination. Sheers let the natural nail show through while still leaving a hint of color, an iridescent effect or a subtle shimmer.

Sheer Bestsellers: Peacefully Me,  Mind Your Mani, Fine China, Pinkies Up, Wink Wink

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