Why You Should Think Twice About Powder Dip Manicures

Why You Should Think Twice About Powder Dip Manicures

In the past, acrylic nails and gel nails were considered two popular services. However, the trend changed, dip powder nails gradually dominated the market in this industry. Dipping powder is considered an important change, not only for aesthetics but also for health benefits. But to understand them well is not easy.

What is powder dip manicures?

Powder dip manicures are created based on the principle of adding a layer of powder to the surface of the real nail. Usually, this powder layer has a variety of colors and materials, so it creates an attractive and attractive nail set.

This is a technique that is not too demanding on the condition of real nails, even a lifesaving method for cases where real nails are weak, thin, brittle, … When the nails are not strong enough to do the nail, choosing the powder coating technique is the best option. 

First, the customer's nails will be scrubbed with a specialized nail scrubber. This process is to increase the friction for the nail surface. Then, the nail technician creates a chemical mixture (including Monomer and Polymer) in powder form and applies it to the real nail.

Features of powder dip manicures

Previously, powder nails (Acrylic Nail) and gel nails (Gel Nail) could be considered two popular services in the market. In fact, the powder and gel nail technique gives a beautiful nail of the desired length and color durability. However, it also reveals many disadvantages, especially affecting the health nail of customers. Many people, when going to this type of manicure, often complain about the condition of their nails not being strong such as the nail membrane and their nail structure being damaged.

When making powder nails and gel nails for customers, nail technicians also have to endure the smell of harmful chemicals such as the smell of acrylic water (monomer) or Primer (the substance that helps the powder to stick to the nail body). along with many other chemicals that can greatly affect the health of nail technicians. Nail technicians and customers alike want to find nail products that do not cause damage to their own health, as well as cause damage to real nails. (real nails). And the advent of dipping nails is a necessary change.

Dip powder ingredients

If you are a nail technician or have ever worked through powder or gel nails, you will immediately recognize the strong smell of powdered liquid and support products. Long-term exposure to odors, or chemicals when doing nails will greatly affect health.

In addition, customers often complain about the condition of their nails being weak, the nail surface is damaged by applying powder, sometimes even nail fungus because the nail layer is too thick, making the real nail cannot grow.

It's time to have a change, beautify in a safer way. Both customers and nail technicians want to find a product that improves these defects. Industry experts have researched to produce nail dip powder with many preeminent benefits.

Dipping Nail Powder will look like powder in powder, but the way to use it is different. Dipping powder is composed of acrylic powder with very fine particles, combined with resin (a plastic substance used in cosmetics), adding some ingredients such as calcium, vitamin E ... to nourish nails stronger.

How to do dip powder at home?

To have beautiful nails takes a lot of time, sometimes growing long and beautiful nails is difficult for some people due to the nature of work or some people have a habit. Bad nail biting is for fingers amputated and bad. To be able to have beautiful nails takes less time, it is to apply nail powder.

For dipping powdered nails, the nails will be stronger than natural nails. In addition, if you like to have fancy nail art designs, dipping powder nails are a perfect choice for you to design on top of it.

Simple nail powder applicator.

  • Nail tips for applying acrylic
  • Buffer
  • Cover brush
  • Liquid solution
  • Acrylic powder
  • Dough rolling tool
  • Glue nail

To be able to have a beautiful nail set, you need to note the following:

Clean your nails

First you need to clean your nails, and let them dry. Wipe off any remaining polish on your nails. You then need to use a skin pusher and clippers to clean the dead cuticles around the edges of your nails. We recommend that you should carefully buffer your nail surface so that you can apply nail powder easily. After the nails are dry and clean, the nail tips will be attached.

Nail Tip

Choosing the right nail tip depends on your needs. For those who want to apply powder to enhance the strength of their natural nails, you can use liquid and powder to apply directly. Those who want to apply to increase the length need to be careful about attaching nail tips that match the width and shape of the natural nail.

Nail extension

After the nails are dry and clean, apply a layer of glue on the tip of the nail and gently stick the tip on. When applying on real nails, make sure the "C" curve of the tip matches the "C" curve of the real nail. You should hold the tip at a 45 degree angle and slide it forward until the edges match the tips of your real nails and create the shape of the nail. Dip the applicator brush into the liquid and dip the brush into the powder to get the right amount of powder. Then apply the acrylic on the nail using a brush and spread the powder evenly on the nail. Remember to work fast and seamlessly or it will dry out.

File and Buffer nails

After you put nail powder on your nails, you file and buffer the nail powder. This will help get rid of any leftover nail polish.

Nail polish / nail design

Choose a paint color that matches your skin tone and draw the design into whatever shape you want.

After applying nail powder, you need to avoid heavy work or affect the nail leading to the nail falling off and hurting your real nail.

How Does Dip Powder Work?

Nail dipping powder literally means applying a layer of powder to the surface of the real nail. Make it easier for you to decorate or beautify your nails. For manicurists, powder nail is a technique of using powder to lengthen the nails of customers when their nails are not long enough and not strong enough to have the desired nails. Technically, the employee scrubs the initial nail with a tool. Then, a chemical mixture is applied, consisting of a single liquid compound and a layer of polymer powder, to form a powder nail.

Wait for the nails to dry, the staff will cut the nails to the appropriate length. The final step is to color and decorate the nails, under normal circumstances, this powder nail can only last about 2 weeks. The number of days added or not depends on how you take care of your nails.

What are “reactive ingredients”?

Dip powder nails are like a complete combination of powder and gel: it has the strength of powder nails, and has a bright, clear color like gel nails. And especially, greatly reduce the impact on health and nails when doing.

Specifically, the method of using dipping powder has the following benefits:

  • Dipping powder contains Vitamin E and Calcium for stronger nails.
  • Branded dip powder products have organic ingredients and are tested by FDA before being sold on the market.
  • The technique of dipping powder will limit nail damage when making, because the dipping powder layer is not thick, light and natural.
  • Powder supporting products do not have a strong smell and do not contain liquid or primer chemicals, so they are safer for health.
  • Strong nails, keep the color fresh for 2-3 weeks.
  • Can do techniques such as: natural, pink & white, color, glitter, ombre...
  • No need to use UV lamp to dry nails.
  • Simple techniques are easier to implement than applying powder, suitable for those who are new to the profession, who are not good at applying powder.
  • The nail removal is also gentler, less harmful, just soak your hands in acetone to be able to remove it.


When you dip powder nails, components of artificial nails (nail tips) contain recommended acrylic resins that can affect the skin around the nails, even causing dermatitis. In addition, after grinding, the real nail will peel off faster. This is the reason why real nails often get damaged after removing fake nails. However, these cases only happen when you overuse powdered nails. If the customer follows the instructions of a professional nail technician, there is no need to worry about these effects.

Dazzle Dry Nail System

Currently on the market there are many sources selling nail polish, gel polish, dip powder with very cheap prices. With good quality ads, safe for health. But the origin and origin of the above products is really unclear. You can go online to nail communities, sell nail products on facebook and easily buy the above products at very cheap prices. So, where to find the address and reputable brand with quality at an affordable price?

Don’t worry about this issue when you choose the Dazzle Dry system. We don’t just care about what goes into our bodies, we care about what goes on them. Acrylics, gels, dips – while artificial nail enhancements offer convenient duration and dry time, their synthetic chemical formulations can create long-term problems like contact dermatitis, unhealthy UV exposure, and damage to the natural nail plate.

Dazzle Dry works without compromising the integrity of the natural nail. Our hypoallergenic line is formulated free from reactive ingredients, animal byproducts and animal testing, making it the cleanest performance polish in the industry.

In a market filled with so many choices, we thank you for choosing us. Please feel free to contact us and get more information for beauty at: https://dazzledryaustralia.com.au/

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