List of Dazzle's best-selling nail polish (Top 10)

List of Dazzle's best-selling nail polish (Top 10)

To have a beautiful nail, in addition to being neatly trimmed, color is also the main factor that determines the prominence and attraction of the hands. Choosing a beautiful nail color will make your nails more prominent and impressive. If you are wondering which nail polish color to choose, please refer to this article. The following beautiful nail polish colors from Dazzle Dry will definitely be the perfect suggestions to help you get the best nail set for your special days. Here is top best seller:

1. Prima Ballerina - A sheer pink that's always en pointe.

This light, sheer pink, has a delightful silver sparkle all through. You will be the Prima Ballerina of the party with this beam on your nails. Excellence and wellbeing up to fingertips! Variety and Care: Tender pastel nail polish with the mindful recipe gives both the exquisite nail treatment and the consideration.

  • Dazzling pastel shades.
  • Smooths down the surface and hides little deformities of the nail bed.
  • Sustenance and reinforcing of fingernails.
  • Durable covering.
  • Moisturizes and nourishes.
  • The keratin complex reinforces and reestablishes fingernails.
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2. Night to Remember - A deep midnight blue with a subtle shimmer

A dark blue shimmer that you'll always remember. Nontoxic, vegan and cruelty-free nail polish by Dazzle Dry. This is the basic nail polish color that almost every girl chooses in all colors. In addition to lightening the skin, it also gives the girls a very classy and aristocratic style for its owner.

Especially with the cold air of winter, dark blue will be especially attractive. There's no arguing with the allure of this color. Night to remember is the color that represents darkness. It always carries a mysterious, seductive feeling that makes others feel curious and pay attention to you.

Night to remember nail polish will make you look outstanding and extremely charming when combined with the right outfit and accessories. The dark tone of the nails is suitable for pastel or light colored dresses. This combination will create your own personality and new fashion style.

Night to remember nail polish is not only a new change but also shows class and style for individual girls. Dark color also represents independence in personality, strength but no less nobility and nobility.

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3. Transform Ridge Filler

Take your manicure to the next level with Dazzle Dry Transform Ridge Filler. It smooths out nail imperfections for the perfect gel-like finish. Smooth out nail imperfections with Dazzle Dry's newest innovation: TRANSFORM. This 3-in-1 superhero creates a glossy surface, a more durable feel and a neutral base to make any lacquer pop. Discover the new standard for flawless nails with Dazzle Dry TRANSFORM.

For sweet, feminine girls, no nail color is more suitable than Transform Ridge Filler. These colors bring a feeling of femininity, lightness in a subtle and elegant way.

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4. Breathe Free - A delicate white that never fails to complement

With Breathe Free, you can easily paint your own nails, even if you are a first-timer. Because this paint color does not need to draw more textures but still exudes the inherent elegance. This is also the reason why this color tone is not new but still popular with many women.

Breathe Free – youthful personality. White is bright and very classy. It also indicates a youthful personality. However, white monochrome nails may not be suitable if your skin is too pale. Breathe Free is a great choice for medium to warm skin tones. You should also match Breathe Free polish with a specific nail shape. A short, natural nail shape painted in white will work best. It will make the hand not too heavy.

Breathe Free nail polish is suitable for those of you who like simplicity and lightness.

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5. CEO - A full coverage, deep wine red

The CEO nail polish color, in addition to making the skin brighter, is also an attractive and outstanding color. Not only that, this color also helps you create a strong impression of elegance, nobility and strong personality.

The girls who love the color red often have a very confident, assertive and enthusiastic personality. For girls who pursue a sexy style, CEO will help you become more passionate, seductive and irresistible. While the bright red nail color is very eye-catching and outstanding, the CEO brings a charming charm. Red nail color also makes you look more powerful and attractive.

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6. Passionate Red - A deep red wine

A deep red wine with a dark twist. Passionate Red is one of the classic nail colors of women, always giving users a trendy, irresistible charm. This is also a beautiful nail polish color, never outdated, on the contrary, it is also the color of the trend. The advantage is that this paint color can be used for all skin types, each skin tone will exude its own beauty.

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7. Midnight Express - A classic rich black

A jet black lacquer nail polish for your nocturnal side. Midnight Express – straightforward girl A girl who wears black nail polish or wears black always brings a sense of mystery to the opposite person. This is also an extremely strong, personality and mysterious girl. If you love black nails, you are an upright person who always tells the truth. You are always looking for a balance between your personal and work life. Familiar things don't work for you so you're always looking for something new.

This nail color has won the hearts of many women for many years and has not cooled down until now. Besides, it is really suitable when you combine winter outfits with deep tones such as: purple, moss green, dark green.

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8. Silver Lamé - A silver metallic that moves to the 80s groove

Silver Lamé polish will help you correct your personality and elegance with the opposite person. However, you need to remember that this paint color is quite picky and it is only suitable for girls with fair skin. Silver Lamé not only makes the nails more luxurious and sophisticated, but it also makes you stand out from the crowd by the aesthetics and thoughtfulness that it brings.

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9. Visionary - A semi-sheer, blushed neutral crème

This is a color chosen by beauties quite a lot because of its gentle, delicate beauty that is not too prominent, trendy and not out of fashion, for girls who like a gentle style.

Not only that, Visionary is also suitable for many skin types, helping you become glamorous and "chic". However, many people say this color will darken the skin, but no, if you know how to choose the right tones for your skin, it will be very effective.

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10. Forbidden Passion - A dark, browned plum

Forbidden Passion with not too prominent colors creates power, charm and shows your personality. Add a shimmering shimmer to highlight your hands. In particular, brown nail polish is suitable for all skin tones, surely when you wear this color you will exude a distinct charm. In order not to be boring, you can combine stones, detailed drawings ... to stand out more. Forbidden Passion is a hot color but doesn't dazzle. Suitable for all women of all ages, from young to middle-aged or older. In addition, it is also suitable for all skin tones, from white to brunette, and honey cake. Because this color has an extremely respectable whitening ability. Their skin will be toned up, not dark. With this paint color, you will attract an impression and stand out from the crowd because of the charm it brings.

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Did you know, beautiful nail color depends a lot on skin tone? Because of this, it is very important to determine your skin tone. Knowing your skin tone, you can know the secret to choosing clothes, choosing hair color, choosing makeup tone, choosing the right nail color too.

Skin tones are very diverse, and there are also many ways to classify them. We can classify them according to hot or cold tones, or we can classify them according to the black and white tones of the skin.

Beauty is always a matter of special concern to women, to be more beautiful and attractive. A beautiful hand that is neatly trimmed, cared for and painted with nail art will give women more confidence in daily communication. Using nail polish creates spikes of nail art, but the problem is quite dangerous if you do not choose the best nail polish, safe for users.

Dazzle Dry works without compromising the integrity of the natural nail. Our hypoallergenic line is formulated free from reactive ingredients, animal byproducts and animal testing, making it the cleanest performance polish in the industry. Everything you love about Dazzle Dry's high performance nail polish, now in a small bottle.

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