Nothing beautifies the hand more than natural golden tan. Sun-kissed skin makes us look healthy, radiant, and beautiful. Do you want to emphasize your tan even more? Put on an effective manicure! We will tell you which colours to choose. In addition to the shape of the plate and the length of the nails, there are also several other factors that can help you decide on the appropriate colour of the manicure. The complexion and shade of the skin are just such factors - nails in neutral colours suit all skin types and complexions. Warm colours will look good for warm or tanned skin, while cold colours will look good for cool skin. This is a simple rule that helps a lot in choosing the right nail colour, so that our hands look as beautiful as possible. Just like clothes, you can show off your tanned skin, you can also make it an eye-catcher with the colour of your nails. So, what nail colours for tan skin to choose? If you are a happy owner of a dark complexion and you look as if you just came back from vacation all year round, you could enjoy the versatility of colours, because most colours suit very swarthy skin.


White to emphasize the tan

The white panoches contrast beautifully with the tanned skin, thanks to which they emphasize the shade of sun-kissed skin. Whites and pales are nail colours for tan skin. In addition to the fact that the white colour of the nails will beautifully emphasize your hands, the undoubted advantage of such a manicure is that it is universal and fits any styling. It is a great choice for those who do not like the manicure to distract too much from their styling. Perfect for work or school - looks subtle and elegant.


Neon nail colours

Neon colours blend beautifully with sun-kissed hands. Bright pink or juicy yellow on the background of tanned skin seem even more expressive, and thus effectively contrast with a dark complexion. They will work on the beach in combination with a swimsuit in the same shade, as well as black, white, or nude. Neon manicure is also a great choice for an evening club party. In not too large doses, neon lights will also work well in everyday styling. A type of manicure that is very eye-catching, so it is important that it is done with great precision. Then it will be a great decoration. Neons are nail colours for tan skin!


Golds & Silvers

Have you ever wondered if gold and silver are the nail colours for tan skin? Nails in shades of gold, rose gold and silver with iridescent glitter particles are a very elegant addition to the styling, and give the hands the desired luxury. Let the noble shades become an inspiration to create a unique manicure for an evening party or an elegant gala. Shimmering nails wonderfully emphasize a tan, and in the sun's rays they look like exclusive jewellery. At Dazzle Dry you will find beautiful deep shades of gold & silver, natural nail lacquers. They deliver the long-lasting performance of a gel or dip system, but they are removed with the ease of a traditional polish.