Beautiful nail colours that go with pale skin

Why should you match the right polish for your skin type?

Appropriate selection of the shade of nail polish requires considering, first of all, our complexion. Thanks to this, the hands will become a real showcase of a woman. Different skin tones require matching the correct nail polish colour. It is extremely important when creating a perfect manicure, as it will prove our care and efforts to maintain the best possible hand care. However, before we move on to painting nails, we should start by choosing our skin's main shade and temperature. Based on general rules adapted to four types of complexion, you can create a formula that will allow you to match the nail colours for pale skin perfectly.

Nail colours that go well with ivory/beige coloured skin

It is the lightest type of complexion with a slightly beige colour. Greenish veins puncture through it, making the skin appear warm. This natural contrast is perfect for working with your nails. As the light skin tone predominates, brown, red, and gold colours will suit it. It is worth using dark colours and contrasts for ivory-coloured complexions, as long as they have a yellowish element in them.

Perfect nail colours for porcelain coloured skin

Another very light shade is porcelain skin. In this case, there is no longer a beige shade but rather a visible light pink. This skin quickly turns red, especially when exposed to the sun. It provides a cool mixture when combined with blue veins. Thus the yellowish colours of the nails will be a horrible choice in this scenario. Dark colours of red, such as raspberry, cranberry, and berry, are preferable. It's also worth considering different colours of pink. However, pastels aren't recommended. Why? Pastel shades of pink would make the nails blend in with the complexion, and the hands would look pale and unattractive. Remember that it is important what type of nail lacquer you choose. At Dazzle Dry, you can find beautiful, natural nail colours for pale skin in red & coral shades. Dazzle Dry lacquers have a long-lasting, quick-drying, and nontoxic formula. They last up to two weeks, and you can remove them with the ease of traditional polish.

Nude colour manicure - a timeless trend you should try

Nude manicure is extremely versatile. They are suitable nail colours for pale skin as well. Depending on the styling, it can take on both classically elegant, glamor or streetwear characters. It works both in an everyday rush, when you do not want to think every day how to combine manicure and clothes so that they form a coherent whole, as well as in the circumstances requiring elegant styling, where the most beautiful elements are desired, such as a family celebration or even ... your wedding. Nude nails go with everything and are suitable for any occasion.

As the inspirations published by beauty industry specialists show, a natural manicure can take various forms - from uniform plates in various shades of beige through immortal French manicure with white tips to exceptionally fashionable nails in nude and white color with an ombre effect - the so-called baby boomer manicure.

Important information about a black manicure

A black manicure is very feminine and stylish, and its big advantage is that you don't have to be the owner of long nails to look good. Blacks are good nail colours for pale skin and swarthy skin as well. Contrary to popular belief, a black manicure does not have to be depressing or dismal. The styling and accessories you choose will have a big impact on how it looks. Black nails are becoming more and more fashionable, and the fact that they can be almost freely combined with different styles and colors makes them even more popular. The black varnish on the nails goes well with both elegant and elegant stylizations and those less formal, everyday ones. Combining a black manicure with a bright evening gown is a terrific option. You can also try a unique glam rock stylization, with which black nails will also create an extremely harmonious duo. Such a manicure will also look great with a white T-shirt, black Ramones, and jeans.