Each person has a different skin tone, this affects beauty a lot because it determines which color is the right color. If the girls own white skin, choosing hair color, choosing clothes or choosing nail polish color are all very easy.

What about those of you who have dark skin or honey skin? Each skin color will have a suitable color tone. If you are a nail enthusiast, today we will show you how to choose a nail polish color that matches your skin tone.

Why we need to choose the right nail color?

Did you know, beautiful nail color depends a lot on skin color?

Because of this, it is very important to determine your skin tone. Knowing your skin tone, you can know the secret to choosing clothes, choosing hair color, choosing makeup tones, choosing the right nail color too. Skin tones are very diverse, and there are also many ways to classify them. We can classify them by hot or cold tones, or we can classify them by black and white skin tones. Nail clean tone ought to supplement your complexion. You could have seen conceals that patterns occasionally however reconsider, not all colors that are "on trend" will match your tone. Various shadings compliment different complexions (changing from lighter tones to most obscure). Before you feel free to pick a clean tone for your nails, you should know ahead of time the tone of your skin.

Choosing Based on Your Skin Tone

Have you ever wondered how to choose an appropriate nail color? How to make the hands more prominent? Which nail polish color is suitable for my skin tone? Dazzle Dry will give you a deeper understanding about your skin type to choose the right nail color.

Fair skin tone

how to choose nail color for skin tone

Women with fair skin, usually light, will be easy to choose colors for nails because any color is suitable. However, the color that works best with light skin tones will work best with light or dark nail polish colors because it has the ability to create contrast, highlighting light skin. Some suitable color styles such as black, red, golden or orange tones can help highlight your skin tone.

However, you also need to be careful with some dark colors like nude, dark brown because they can make the white skin look lifeless. Another suggestion for women with fair skin is cute pastel colors. This pastel color trend has not cooled down for many years, especially suitable for girls who like gentle and cute colors. You can use one color for the whole hand, but you can also mix 2 to 3 colors on 1 hand to make your beautiful hands more shimmering and lively. In short, nail colors that work with light skin tones include: pastel colors, reds (especially reds with blue tints), purples, blues, oranges or corals, nudes.

Dark Skin Tone

how to choose nail color for skin tone

If you have dark skin, you need to be a little careful when choosing a nail polish color, because this skin color is much more picky than other skin colors. The dark brown skin looks really healthy, you can't choose "girly" colors like pastel or pink, you must choose a color that will not make your skin darker. Colors such as dark green, wine, dark red... will be the most suitable choices for dark skin. These tones will create charm for those with slightly darker skin.

Colors to avoid: Stay away from light and bright nail colors as they contrast very well with skin tone. Bright silver, white or neon colors will add a few years to you and lose your radiance.

Medium or Olive Skin Tone

how to choose nail color for skin tone

Asia's popular skin color is yellow, so many women will probably be interested in choosing this skin color. The good news for those of you with this skin tone is that you can try all of those nail polish colors. According to our research, bright and vibrant colors such as pink, yellow, orange or blue will help you create accents for your hands. In addition, colors such as metallic, gold or silver enhance the skin tone. Nail art styles are also suitable for yellow skin because this skin color is not picky about paint colors, so you don't have to hesitate if you want to show your personality with colorful, artistic nail styles.

As for colors such as dark purple, navy blue or dark red, you should avoid them, bronze tones are also not suitable for yellow skin because it will make your skin pale and lifeless.

Selecting a Polish for an Occasion

Picking a nail polish for an event can be essentially as overwhelming as picking an outfit or embellishments. Assuming you generally end up considering the best tone to nail your nail game, amaze has accomplished the difficult work for you. Here are some incredible nail clean tips to toss into the entire troupe for that event.

Meetings or formal gatherings

Seems set up and complex in your next conferences or interview with nonpartisan tones. Nonpartisan delicate shadings like beige, light pink and bare clean will make you seem perfect, suitable and tasteful. These nonpartisan tones are additionally ideally suited for workplaces and formal social events.

Nail polish for another person Weddings

Is it true that you are welcomed as a visitor to somebody's wedding? Match your outfit with the general dressing you are going for. It is a unique day for the lady of the hour, let her sparkle while you can go for delicate shadings or nail clean that matches your outfit. In addition, since the wedding is about merry and shimmer, make your highlight nail stand apart with some glittery rose gold while you apply delicate shadings on the others.

Nail polish for your wedding

The lady of the hour is the focal point of fascination of the day and she wants to stick out. There are ways of looking excellent with the mani without getting carried away. The wedding outfit can be matched with delicate shining silver or sparkling white. Additionally, a lady can never turn out badly with a splendid red shading regardless of the shade of the outfit.

how to choose nail color for outfit

Nail polish for the principal date

Heartfelt shadings, for example, dark red or strong pink compare various sensations of coyness, provocativeness, tomfoolery, and womanliness, thus they are ideal choices for the principal date.

Wedding commemoration

Here is a delicate token of the day you make that lifetime responsibility, henceforth, Your nail holds an exceptional spot in helping your accomplice to remember why he picks you in any case. Be delightful, attractive and heartfelt with silly, pixie pink or a combo of velvety pink and peach.


Occasions are a chance to destress and break liberated from that bustling life. That opportunity to feel free, energetic, fun and, surprisingly, wild. Incorporate your nails while you are plunging into all that the occasion time brings to the table. Possibly you need to be that cheeky, fun silly, or a reasonable one, or you simply need to be that beachy stylish entrancing the magnificence of the seas, there is generally that ideal tone for you.

Coordinate your nails with the shade of the ocean with blue tone or ocean green shade. Whether it is an apathetic evening around the ocean or a visit in your fav city, feel young with shimmering nail clean that sparkles or bright with yellow or orange nail shines. Go inventive and try to get those imaginative plans on the nails. 

how to choose nail color for outfit


Any tone can go for the party flows relying upon your character, state of mind and the general appearance you need to pull off. For example, you can go for red, glittery clean for that tomfoolery, bubbly party or radiant orange clean with sparkling metallic clean to keep your energy fire consuming over the course of the evening.

Picking a Polish Based on Personality

Nail polish has long been considered a type of jewelry for women. A suitable paint color will contribute to an elegant and extremely attractive appearance. Each color and shape on the nails represents the personality and preferences of each individual. Let’s discover with your personality, which nail polish color will suit you best.

Nude/Glossy – Color of elegance women

This gentle nail polish tone is very easy to use and most girls must try it at least once. This is a nail polish color that is suitable for many skin tones, from dark skin to white skin. When you still don't know what paint color to choose for today, don't forget this color. Whether you are pursuing a personal or gentle fashion sense, nude tones are still suitable in many cases. If you find this paint color too boring. Try stylizing it a bit by adding some glitter on top. The results you get will definitely not let you down.

how to choose nail color for skin tone

Mirror - Color of stylish women

Maybe the mirror coating styles are unfamiliar to many people. In fact, this is one of the paint colors favored by many stylish girls. It is not difficult to see that this paint color is very suitable for women who like "sparkling", noble and luxurious styles. Mirror nail polish has full color as usual, not as few options as people think. What makes the difference in this paint color is the shiny feature, which is reflected like a mirror, so it catches light. Imagine you will become the most noble and beautiful lady in the party with just one pair of hands. This paint color helps to make the skin brighter, and at the same time contributes to highlighting the types of jewelry that we wear on our hands.

choose nail color

Neon - Color of character women

Already an active and personality girl, you definitely should not ignore neon nail polish color. This bright and eye-catching color will make others unable to "ignore" your beautiful hands. The girls who love this paint color are mostly outgoing, optimistic and extremely funny. Lovely personality and outstanding hands give you an "irresistible" charm in the eyes of the opposite person.

Try "breaking the way" once with this color tone if you find life is a color or boring. The freshness of neon will help you have more energy, feel younger and love life more.

how to choose nail color

Black - color of mysterious women

Black nail polish has long been a safe choice for girls with personality. This color makes our hands look brighter and cleaner. When using this color on the nails, you will give the opponent a sense of mystery and desire to conquer. Although black is not too strange, by choosing this color, that girl must be strong, dynamic and even a little "rebellious".

how to choose nail color

White - Color of bright women

White is always mentioned as the color representing purity and innocence. The girls who choose these colors are all gentle, innocent and especially very clean and tidy. White nail polish is always chosen because of the "miracle transformation" of this color. We may just need a white paint to be delicate and beautiful enough. When you want to stand out more, try to combine with a little texture or a little glitter… The hands will become more sparkling and luxurious.

how to choose nail color for skin tone

Red - Color of sexy women

Do you want to be Marilyn Monroe – a symbol of charm and beauty once? Try one use red nail polish and feel. A flow of charm and elegance is emanating from within you. Red is the color of passion and burning enthusiasm. The girls who often use red paint are always emotional people, see everything subtly and decisively in everything. Red color not only has a meaning about people, but it is also a trendy paint color for girls with personality.

how to choose nail color

Seal blue - Color of naughty women

Blue nail polish is often chosen because of its coolness and ease of use in many cases. Whether in daily activities or in a luxurious party, blue is always the most stable choice. “Not too prominent but always has a special charm” – this is one of the comments about this color. Indeed, the girls who love this paint color have mischievous personalities but are very loyal and trustworthy. Sometimes a little mysterious and always like to create surprises is the attraction of these personality girls.

choose nail color

Best Dazzle Dry nail polish for you

Choosing the right paint color for your skin color will help make our nails more shimmering without worrying about finishing the nail set but failing just because of the nail color.

Knowing the rules above, you can rest assured that you will have the most perfect nail designs, now just go and choose a lovely color to create the most perfect nail set. At Dazzle Dry we have some recommend for you: 

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Thank you for being Dazzle Dry nail polish experts!