Surely every woman has once used nail polish to beautify her nails. However, paint colors only have a certain durability and you have to remove them to choose attractive colors. If you are still wondering in choosing products to remove paint color, then let the useful information about how to choose the right nail polish remover in this article help you.

How does nail polish remover work?

What is a nail polish remover?

Nail polish remover is a specialized cleaning solution for nails that removes old nail polish, the mistake of women changing new color or simply to clean nails after a long day of exposure to dirt. To be present the body information, the constant color change makes you need nail polish remover. But if anyone is looking to buy a bad nail polish remover, their high nails will be weak, brittle, lose their shape, and it will be difficult to express their personality through nail polish color.

Nail polish remover chemical

If you are a fan of weekly nail beauty treatments, then acetone is no longer a strange thing. Acetone helps you to remove the old color on the nails and easily change the new "suit" for nails. Acetone or acetone, also known as Dimethyl Formaldehyde. This is an organic compound, with the formula (CH3) 2CO.

Acetone is a flammable, colorless, rapidly evaporating liquid with a characteristic odor. Acetone nail polish remover is water-soluble and is the primary solvent used for cleaning in laboratories. As well as a compound used in the synthesis of organic substances. They are used in the active ingredients of nail polish.

Acetone is synthesized in the laboratory. Just as in nature as in the air, drinking water and soil. In the human body, acetone is produced and excreted through metabolism. It is usually present in the blood and urine. It is produced by organs and food metabolism and is excreted in the urine. If for some reason the acetone is not eliminated, it can cause shock because the acid in the blood is high.

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Your fingernails can become very pretty and outstanding when painted with beautiful paint colors. However, no matter how beautiful and impressive she has a new nail. It is still wise and necessary to remove nail polish 1-2 weeks after applying nail polish to make them easy.

Remove chemicals in nail polish to keep your hands clean. Because glue, nail polish, nail polish when applied to nails can cause nails to suffocate. This over time can affect nail health and lead to nail problems such as weakness, brittleness, and fungal infections.

Therefore, to remove them in the cleanest, fastest, most convenient way, you can use pure acetone solution. Removing nails with this method properly still helps to preserve the beauty of the nails.

How to remove nail polish properly with Acetone

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The steps to properly use Acetone nail polish remover are as follows:

  • Arrange a seat with the most natural light and comfort.
  • Start trimming painted nails to the shortest length using nail clippers. Do it carefully or maybe ask someone else to do it to avoid damaging your nails.
  • Use a spacer to cushion your nails. This is to easily remove previous layers of nail polish or gel.
  • Take a glass bowl and pour in some acetone solution. Place the bowl containing this solution in a large bowl of hot water.
  • Place a small bowl of acetone in a basin of hot water to warm the acetone.
  • Soak your nails in a warm acetone solution for about 30 minutes.
  • Check to see if the warm acetone has removed all the nail polish color.
  • Once the nail polish begins to peel off, remove it gradually from the acetone solution. You should dip a cotton ball in this solution and apply it to your nails to completely remove the nail polish.
  • If there are residual acetone, you can continue to remove them on the epidermis.
  • Apply moisturizer or nail cream daily to keep the nail polish from peeling off.

What are the different types of nail polish remover?

Fundamentally, there are two various types of nail clean removers: acetone and non-acetone. Most brands convey the two kinds - it's typically expressed right on the front name. The two kinds contain a dissolvable (like acetone) that works by dissolving the hard film that is left on your nails by the fixings in the clean. Nail shines contain fixings like saps, plasticizers, film formers and shading colors. This multitude of fixings work to provide you with a pleasant even layer of clean that dries rapidly and uniformly. The issue is, these fixings aren't so natural to eliminate.

Acetone Polish Removers:

Acetone polish removers is an exceptionally strong dissolvable and it works the best at eliminating shine. But at the same time it's extremely brutal on the grounds that it eliminates a great deal of regular oils from your skin. Truth be told, now and then your skin will look truly white assuming that you've utilized a lot of CH3)2CO on it. That implies you've dried your skin out.

  • Pros: Most viable method for eliminating nail clean.
  • Cons: Harsh and very drying to nails, fingernail skin and skin. Ladies with nails that are dry or parting ought to abstain from utilizing.
  • Best For: Infrequent clean evacuation, ladies who utilize truly dull clean tones, eliminating shellac (no-chip) nail treatments.

Non-Acetone Polish Remover:

Utilize less forceful solvents like ethyl acetic acid derivation, isopropyl liquor and propylene carbonate. Indeed, even clean removers named as "normal" or "natural" actually utilize a dissolvable, they simply don't utilize acetone. They additionally add saturating specialists like glycerin, panthenol and soy to limit the drying impact. Be that as it may, these plans don't disintegrate the clean covering as proficiently so you'll need to work harder to remove the old clean.

  • Pros: Gentler than acetone, less drying (however these solvents actually can be drying, simply less so than acetone.
  • Cons: Don't function as well as acetone, require more work to eliminate (particularly dull tones) and won't deal with shellac (no-chip) nail treatments.
  • Best For: Frequent clean expulsion, light clean tones and ladies with dry or more touchy skin and nails.
nail polish remover acetone vs non acetone

What is the difference between vegan and cruelty-free?

The fundamental contrast among vegan and cruelty-free is that vegan implies that an item contains no creature fixings or creature side-effects while cruelty free implies that the assembling system of an item doesn't include hurting or dispensing with any creatures or testing on creatures.

Vegan and cruelty-free are two marks that demonstrate the degree of creature association in an item. Be that as it may, the line between the two marks is now and again somewhat hazy. There are no severe guidelines for these names since there are no FDA definitions for them, so the distinction may now and again fluctuate from one item to another. By the way, the vegetarian mark depicts the fixings in an item while brutality free name portrays the creation cycle.

Having said that, the prudent methodology on the interwebs (which we will generally concur with), characterizes them as follows:

Cruelty-free implies that the items, and the fixings that were utilized in the item, were not tried on creatures at any stage during their turn of events. Vegan implies that the items contain no creature fixings or creature results. Which incorporates notable fixings like honey, beeswax, gelatin, yogurt and other more subtle creature results like lanolin (fleece oil), squalene (shark liver oil), carmine (crushed up bugs), ambergris (whale regurgitation) and placenta (sheep organs).

Dazzle Dry remover


Acetone is as yet the best method for eliminating nail clean. Tragically, it's unforgiving and can dry out skin and nails. While different solvents work, they don't fill in as well as acetone. This implies additional time that you need to spend taking shine off your nails. Whether you pick acetone or non-acetone, make certain to saturate your hands and nails after clean expulsion to check the drying impacts of the dissolvable.

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