Dazzle Dry Australia is truly different from everything else on the market today.  It's signature four-step system that works together to deliver high-performance wear and protection, allowing nails to become healthier and stronger over time. Especially our products vegan nail polish is natural nail polish, never tested on animals and nontoxic.

How to use Dazzle Dry Australia

All the steps in the Dazzle Dry system are numbered to take the guesswork out of how to use it. We will walk you through the easy steps to make sure you have everything ready to go ahead of time and lay out all the items you see listed here prior starting.

This is all you need:

  • Remove (Dazzle Dry)
  • Towel
  • Cotton
  • Lint free wipes
  • Nail File
  • Buffer
  • Nail brush
  • Orangewood stick
  • Details brush
  • Paper towel
  • Pure acetone
  • Mug bowl
  • The system (Dazzle Dry)

Clean nails before applying nail polish

Tassel troy is a performanced based polish system in a stand alone category because the chemical composition is completely unique to Dazzle Dry. All the components are scientifically engineered to function as a system, do not separate or components or use other products when applying Dazzle Dry because all the components are designed to synergistically work together. So how to get a perfect at home manicure with Dazzle Dry, we’re not let you wait any longer, here is what you need to do:

After we file and shape our nails we will also do a gentle buff before we dive into our application. We are going to start by scrubbing our nails with soap and water. Let us explain why. Polish will not adhere if there is dirt or lotion present on the nails, so we need to use the clean nail brush to scrub each nail really well. Rinse your fingertips in water to remove the suds. Pat your hands dry and then proceed with Dazzle Dry nail prep. Simple as that!

Four Steps to Flawless Nail Polish

The Dazzle Dry system is based on four quick and easy steps that you can do yourself at home. Achieve professional-looking manicures and pedicures without having to visit the nail salon.

Designed as a system. This is the blueprint for better nails with Dazzle Dry Australia.

Step 1: Scrub each nail with Dazzle Dry Nail Prep

This step is designed to cleanse, sanitize and moisturize the nails. We will saturate our lint-free wipes really well, one per hand and we’re gonna scrub as we move on to the next nail. Make sure that you are not pushing around dirt oil or lotion. Do not touch your nails to avoid transferring oils from your fingertips on to the nails because this can cause premature chipping.

Step 2: Apply two layers of Dazzle Dry Base Coat

This technology is unique to Dazzle Dry and is one of the reasons why our manicure will last so long. It allows your manicure to flexibly expand and contract with the natural nail, you can see how this bottle of base coat is cloudy, the base coat must be clear like water prior to application. 

At first you need to close the cap tight and stand it in one inch of hot water until it is completely clear. Do not run the bottle under a faucet or submerge it under water, unless it will become contaminated and it must be discarded. What it looks like is completely clear like water, and we’re going to apply it by dipping the brush in the bottle for each nail. 

When one side of your brush on the inner neck of the bottle allows the excess product to flow back into the bottle, you will notice that it is very thin almost watery, don’t apply it too heavy so you don’t flood the skin with base coat, coming in contact with skin can cause lifting and chipping.

If you get a base coat on the skin, don’t worry, clean it up right away with a detailed brush or orange wood stick dipped in pure acetone. Encapsulate each nail by running the tip of the brush along the tip of your nail, remember to allow each layer to dry matte prior to applying the next layer. 

It doesn’t dry to a chalky matte but rather it no longer looks wet like water. It can get gummy if the second layer is applied while the first one is still wet. All the layers dry very quickly, repeat the second layer of the base coat notice that the second layer of base is not quite as matte as the first layer, don’t let the slight sheen throw you off, don’t touch your nails to check to see if it’s dry as this can transfer oils from your fingertips and cause premature chipping.

Step 3: Apply two layers of nail lacquer

Let's move on to our beautiful polishes. Because Dazzle Dry polishes dry so quickly, there is a trick to applying them to avoid streaking or disrupting the previous layer. The key is more polish on your brush, minimal pressure on your brush and work mostly with the tip of your brush. 

For the best results, remember that we don’t press hard and fan out the bristles, you need to go easy on the first layer and a little more generous on the second layer. After shaking the polish to resuspend the pigment, dip the brush in the bottle for each nail, and swipe one side of the brush on the inner neck of the bottle and allow excess product to just flow back into the bottle. 

After that we’re going to apply the first layer of polish, don’t butt the brush up to the cuticle when set the brush down. Keep a small margin between the brush and the cuticle and push the brush towards your cuticle to form your guideline, then run the brush down both sides of the nail and smooth out any imperfections until you get the desired coverage. 

Remember the key when applying your dazzle drain manicure is to allow each layer to dry matte prior to applying the next layer, let it air dry, don’t touch it, don’t use the fan, don’t blow on your nails or flap your hands. All of these common practices can impact adhesion. 

The second layer may be applied generously, be mindful of not applying too heavily, so that the polish doesn’t roll to one side or pull. We let this layer dry matte prior to applying the top coat to finish our manicure. We have all the confidence in you that you can do this. Also keep in mind you should avoid contact with skin to prevent lifting and chipping, however don’t worry if you get in on the skin simply clean it up as you go with your detail brush or orange wood stick dipped in pure acetone to perfect your application.

Step 4: Apply Dazzle Dry Top Coat to your nails and leave for five minutes to dry

Dazzle Dry top coat is high gloss non-yellowing, quick drying, long wearing and self leveling, if there are any minor imperfections in the polish application, the top coat will self level and smooth it all out, remember to never ever warm the top coat. 

Once your second layer of polish has dried matte, you’re going to apply a generous layer of top coat, use the tip of the brush to glide over and burst any air bubbles, that may have formed while it is still wet and it also helps to have really good overhead lighting, so that you can make sure you see well.

Wait five minutes your polish is completely dry to prevent dulling of your top coat avoid coming in contact with alcohol-based products if your manicure is dull, you can simply touch it up with one layer of base coat, followed by one layer of top coat, this will refresh your shine and extend the life of your manicure, wait until 5 minutes, this is the moment of truth, knock in your nails, you can hear the sound and feel impressed. Even if you stab your nails, nothing will happen. It looks perfect!

5 minutes is all it takes and you’re completely dry, whatever it is, you need to do it, give you your life back and you’re not gonna smudge your nails, that’s the beauty of Dazzle Dry.

Four simple steps to beautiful and healthy nails. How do you remove Dazzle Dry is extremely simple, it comes off with regular polish, remover, you don't need to soak, scrape or file them. We offer two wonderful polish removers, an acetone and a non-acetone and they both have essential oils so they smell really pleasant.

Two polish removers, an acetone and a non-acetone

FAQs about Dazzle Dry

How long does Dazzle Dry last?

When you use Dazzle Dry as a system, it can last up to 2 weeks, but when you want to remove it, that is easy as traditional polish.

How to thin Dazzle Dry nail polish?

After shaking the polish to resuspend the pigment, dip the brush in the bottle for each nail, and swipe one side of the brush on the inner neck of the bottle and allow excess product to just flow back into the bottle. You can see how the belly of the brush is loaded with polish on one side, do not get too much nail polish in your brush, the nail polish will be thinner and easy to go on your nail.

Dazzle Dry savage why is not smooth

Because you lack step number 4, top coat. Dazzle dry top coat is high gloss non-yellowing, quick drying, long wearing and self leveling, if there are any minor imperfections in the polish application, the top coat will self level and smooth it all out.

Where to buy Dazzle Dry nail polish at Australia

Dazzle Dry Australia is Dazzle Dry’s authorized dealer in Australia, you can buy our authentic products at our website.

We know this is so much fun to do. Thank you for reading and becoming a Dazzle Dry expert, we appreciate each and every one of you! For more in-depth tips tricks and best practices or to find a dazzle dry certified salon near you, please visit our website at: https://www.dazzledryaustralia.com.au

Dazzle Dry Australia leader products including

Nail Prep: Promote longer-lasting manicures with the perfect nail canvas. Nail Prep cleanses the nail plate while providing beneficial moisture, calcium, vitamin B5, & hydrolyzed protein.

  • Base coat: Our Base Coat is formulated for natural nails to keep polish lasting longer. Can not be used on acrylic or artificial nails.
  • Lacquer: Available in more than 150 shades, our Lacquer delivers quick-drying, long-lasting wear and is formulated exclusively for the Dazzle Dry system.
  • Top coat: Our quick-drying, non-yellowing Top Coat provides high gloss and protection against abrasion.
  • Revive: One of the vital components of the system is called revive. We like to tell people you can't have a polish system that air dries in 5 minutes and not expect it to get thick. Dazzle Dry polish and top coat will get a thick period and revive is your best friend and a vital component of the system. It’s not a typical thinner so do not fear it. Adding revive will not change the color or impact the efficacy of the products like other thinners do. With routine use of revive as needed in your polish and top coat, you will be able to use the products to the last drop to maximize your investment, once the polish is thick, no longer fluid or smooth. That’s your indication that it’s time to revive.