What are the causes of split nails?

Split nails are the separation of the outer layer of the nail from the placenta. The layers of keratin are delaminated, and they are arranged in a "tile style". Split nails may result from care mistakes, such as incorrect filing, but it may also signal that not everything is fine inside our body, e.g., we lack vitamins A, E, C, or B vitamins. The reason may also be insufficient calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium, and silicon. In addition to delamination of the nail plate, deficiencies of this type also make it brittle. The harmful effects of detergents are also prevalent here, among other causes of nail brittleness.

Nails become brittle when the nail plate is dry. If you don't wear protective gloves while washing dishes and tidying up, your nails may get weak and brittle due to this harsh treatment. And then you have to think about how to fix a split nail. It is therefore worth paying attention to our way of eating. You should pay particular attention to proteins and vitamins in your food because the diet one consumes has a significant impact on the skin and nails!

How should you deal with split nails?

You don’t know how to fix a split nail? When the plaques break, split, and grow poorly, it likely means your body lacks iron. If it turns out that there is not enough of it, you should take iron tablets, supplement them with vitamins A and B, as well as carrot juice. If there are white spots on the plates, you should additionally apply a zinc preparation with vitamin B6. In pharmacies, there are also preparations with a composition that strengthens nails.

Once in a while, give your nails a hydrating treatment. Immerse your hands in warm olive oil with a few drops of vitamins A and E or lemon for a few minutes. If the nails are severely damaged, repeat the treatment every other day for a total of 30 minutes. Apply petroleum jelly on the cuticle that surrounds your nails. You can also rub it all over your hands before going to bed and put on cotton gloves. Rub the ointment with vitamin A into the cuticles. It is also worth getting a special type of file - paper or glass - which is more delicate in contact with the nail.

Optimize your diet for healthy nails

vitamin for healthy nail

How to fix a split nail with the right diet? If you want beautiful nails, do not forget about a diet containing protein-rich foods such as egg white, milk, cheese, and rice; calcium-rich foods such as milk, cheese, egg yolk; iron-rich products, e.g., parsley and broccoli, silicon-rich products that are, fresh vegetables and fruits and medicinal plants (horsetail). The sources of magnesium are, for example, cocoa, dark chocolate, and almonds, and the sources of zinc are beetroot, cabbage, and wheat germ. Herbal preparations - field horsetail and nettle leaves may also help treat lesions. It is also advisable to consume 1.5–3 liters of water daily. This is important for the optimal hydration of the skin and nails.

Products: Nail conditioners

Nail conditioners also serve to protect and strengthen the nail plate. There are various types of conditioners available on the market that improve the overall condition of the nail plate, as well as products "for special tasks" - preventing breaking and delamination of nails, eliminating the yellow colour caused by nicotine, or unlearning chewing them. Some of them positively affect the condition of the nails and look nice on the nails - like bright, pearl varnish. You can also use conditioners in the form of oils or lotions. Each treatment must be carried out patiently for at least a few weeks to achieve the desired results.

Especially good for your nails are nail care products with hypoallergenic, vegan formula, which means they are suitable even for the most sensitive skin types. You will find them at Dazzle Dry offer- there are such products as nail repair oils with moisturizing plant oils packed into each bottle so they can be treated as a multivitamin for your cuticles and nails. You will also find hand and body creams that are a deeply moisturizing treatment that softens and smooths callused skin. That’s how to fix a split nail with nail conditioners.