Popular nail colours that will always be fashionable

Popular nail colours that will always be fashionable

Fashionable nails? Beauty trends and more are changing like in a kaleidoscope. Each season, we learn about new colours, patterns and decorations that are worth testing. There is nothing wrong with checking out new products. It's good to know what is available on the market. But when looking for inspiration for a stylish manicure, it is also worth paying attention to the popular nail colours, which are timeless and universal, and therefore always fashionable. They are perfect for any occasion - every day, as well as for important events, and they match many items of clothing. Importantly, nail colours that will always be fashionable don't have to be boring. There are nail colours that are timeless and go well with everything.


Red is always in fashion

Red is an absolute classic. The trends include both lighter and darker shades - ranging from raspberry through cherry to red wine and deep burgundy. Red nails look super stylish. What's more, they match everything, including airy floral dresses, an elegant suit, as well as a white t-shirt and blue jeans, i.e., the so-called basics. We'll never get bored of these kits. At Dazzle Dry you can find beautiful, natural nail polishes in red & coral shades. Dazzle Dry lacquers have a long-lasting, quick-drying, and nontoxic formula. They last up to two weeks, and you can remove them with the ease of traditional polish.


Nails in shades of nude - classy and elegant

A few seasons ago, the whole world went crazy for nude shades, i.e., various shades that perfectly harmonize with the skin. Nude became one of the most popular nail colours. As it turns out, they look great not only on clothes, shoes, and other accessories, but also on nails. What's more, they are perfect for everyday use, e.g., for work, school but also for business meetings. It is a subtle and elegant colour. Its great advantage is undoubtedly that it is very universal and fits any styling.


White - perfect not only for minimalists

Milky white is the perfect shade for minimalists but also for those who do not like a manicure that immediately catches the eye, and thus, for example, distracts from the styling. It is totally universal. It will work at any time of the year. It fits both elegant and more casual looks. There are many milky white nail polishes waiting for you on the beauty market. Among them, "traditional”, hybrid or natural nail lacquers like those from Dazzle Dry, where you can find a huge selection of popular nail colours.


Timeless black

Black is an offer only for the brave. But we have no doubts that in this case it is worth taking the risk. Black looks great on both long and short nails, and it has always been one of the most popular nail colours. Necessarily in the solo version, i.e., without additional colours or patterns. If you paint your nails with deep black lacquer, you can wear gold or silver jewellery on your hands, for example a massive bracelet, ring, or signet ring. Thanks to this, you will create a look in the style of top influencers. If you prefer something more colourful, black nails are also a great base for all kinds of decorations such as glitter patterns or zirconia.

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