Nail polish contains solvents and some chemical ingredients that can cause health problems and irritation if inhaled in large quantities.

The strong scent isn't the only factor in the toxicity of nail polish, but the chemicals in nail polish formulations also have the ability to enter your body through your nails. Many studies by researchers have found evidence of harm to the body after performing tests on a series of women who do nails. This chemical is in a popular nail polish called triphenyl phosphate, or TPHP.

However, there are still many types of nail polish that do not contain harmful chemicals, or potentially harmful ingredients to health. These are non-toxic or vegan nail polishes.

What Is Vegan Nail Polish?

You most likely needn't bother to be informed how quick the vegan lover magnificence development has been developing! In the event that you haven't previously heard from clients about how they need to evaluate another vegetarian way of life, you've probably seen the whirlwind of new items reporting themselves as vegan lovers and mercilessly free.

One specific region sought after is vagan lover nail cleans and nail trims. Regardless of whether you are not vegetarian yourself, taking special care of these clients in your nail salon is an incredible method for helping new faces through your entryway.

Yet, you may be uncertain of precisely the way in which you approach adding veggie lover nail trims to your treatment menu - what items could you at any point utilize? What's the significance here to be a veggie lover and mercilessness free? Here is what you need to know.

vegan nail polish

Assuming a nail polish is vegan, it intends that there are no creature inferred fixings utilized in the equation or creation process by any stretch of the imagination.

Ordinary or 'non-vegan' nail cleans frequently contain fixings that come from things like fish scales, squashed creepy crawlies, beeswax or creature protein to give them the right consistency or level of sparkle. Vegan nail polish uses other normal or man-made substances instead of these, like aluminum or artificial pearls, to make them vegan.

Vegan nail polish ingredients, what makes nail polish vegan

  • Carmine: generally utilized as a red color in nail clean and lipsticks, is gotten from the shells of the female Cochineal bug (truth be told, bugs!).
  • Guanine: a translucent material got from fish scales, is generally utilized in nail clean for its shimmery impact.
  • Fragrances: the specific fixings in scents are not expected to be revealed in many nations. Creature inferred fixings that are probably going to be utilized to cause scents to incorporate Musk oil (dried emission agonizingly acquired from musk deer, beaver, muskrat, civet feline, and otter privates), shark liver oil and Ambergris (got from whale digestive tracts).

Whenever you take a gander at potential non-vegan fixing overall beauty care products, the rundown happens with synthetic compounds, for example, Lanolin, Squalene, Beeswax, Keratin, Tallow and Retinol all sneaking in your excellence bureau.

vegan nail polish ingredients

How to check if your nail polish is vegan

Do an intensive marvel bureau review and painstakingly read the fixing records. Search for the above usually involved creature determined fixings as the initial step. Here's a clue: this could be a long interaction to go through every item name yet it's absolutely worth the effort. Getting a couple of BFFs along with smoothies close by could make the work somewhat more charming!

Check assuming the organization is affirmed vegetarian. Normal license bunches for vegan beauty care products incorporate, Choose Cruelty Free Australia, and Vegan Society. Note that an organization could be confirmed vegetarian by any of these authorization bodies even without showing their logos in their bundling. Any organization who needs to take out the choice of utilizing the authority 'ensured veggie lover' logo is normally expected to pay a permitting charge on top of the license expense. A few organizations could decide to get authorized while they might not have any desire to take out logo permitting. A dependable spot to check assuming the organization is without a doubt authorized is to allude to the rundown or data set distributed by the particular certification bunch.

Assuming you're in uncertainty about any fixings or the accreditation prerequisites, consistently contact the organization to explain.

Is Vegan Nail Polish Cruelty-Free?

The expressions "cruelty free" and "vegan" have developed progressively famous over the most recent few years as customer interest for creature brutality free beauty care products rises and the inundation of new superficial items promoting the "savagery free" and "vegan" marks from both independent and standard brands. Yet, did you have any idea there's a distinction between cruelty free and vegan?

The two names are frequently utilized reciprocally, by the two organizations and customers, however they really don't mean exactly the same thing.

It tends to be confusing attempting to explore through the cruelty free and vegan excellence space however let me assist with separating it for you.

What's the distinction between cruelty free versus vegan? Short Answer: "Cruelty Free" by and large infers no creature testing happened though "Vegan" for the most part suggests the items contain no creature inferred fixings or side-effects.

vegan and cruelty free

An item can be both, or one however not the other. This is an idea I will make a plunge further with genuine models down beneath.

Any nail polish that contains creature determined fixings isn't a vegan. For instance, normal nail polish that isn't sans remorselessness intensely incorporates fish scales for the development of a fixing called guanine which is likewise in some cases recorded as "pearl substance" and produces that mark shinny look that nail shines are known for.

A second result acquired from squashed insects is called carmine, frequently recorded as cochineal, and is usually used to give beauty care products, including nail clean, their red shade.

One more fixing used to thicken the recipe of nail shines, oleic corrosive, is gotten from creature fat.

When you jump into concentrating on the fixings used to deliver nail shines, you'll understand how you might be unwittingly propagating and empowering a whole realm dependent on this awful practice!

In any case, fortunately you can break the example by intentionally picking vegan and cruelty free nail polish. Vegan nail polish offers similar quality and look without bringing about any hardship to creatures or the climate.

Cruelty free nail clean alludes to any nail polish that didn't include creature testing at any phase of its creation. Organizations that are sans brutality don't test any of their items on creatures, or pay outsider substances to do as such.

Tragically, creature testing is a genuinely normal practice in the realm of beauty care products and magnificence brands. Creatures are put through a progression of severe item testing methods remembering dribbling substances for their furs, eyes and skin with no respect to what this will mean for them.

Subsequently, by choosing a cruelty free nail polish, you guarantee that you're not subsidizing these brands to progress forward with these practices.

How Long Does Vegan Nail Polish Last?

Since numerous vegan recipes are plant-based doesn't imply that they don't have some genuine fortitude. Numerous vegan nail shines can endure as long as about fourteen days, with shade as new as the primary swipe. Like all shines, vegan or not, how long your nails remain sans chip reply to a great extent upon application and utilizing base and top coats to seal in the shade and sparkle, truth be told.

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What Are the Benefits of Using Vegan Nail Polish?

Brands disregard better choices underway on the grounds that they are not generally savvy or simple, thus creature inferred items are made in pretty much every industry, including magnificence industry that is presently flourishing like never before, and are dispersed all through the world.

Vegan nail polish or cruelty free nail polish not just safeguards the climate, environments and their occupants yet in addition advances genuineness in all issues by not underwriting decisions that are unethical or need moral enthusiasm.

Additionally, as a customer, realizing that you are purchasing an item which was made capably gives you a particular sort of bliss.

By buying cruelty free nail polish, you can investigate your own style while realizing that you're pursuing the ideal decision and that your activities are breaking the chain of a harmful cycle. Regardless of how little your commitment is, it counts!

Dazzle Dry vegan products

From food to makeup, ingredients are an increasingly important factor in deciding what we put in or on our bodies. As a pioneer in nontoxic nail care, we at Dazzle Dry could not be more thrilled about this new wave of health- and eco-conscious consumers. But with all these new “green beauty” labels, it’s easy for shoppers to get confused.

That’s why we’re clearing the air on one of the hottest buzzwords in beauty right now: vegan.

Contrary to what some might think, “vegan” does not necessarily imply that a product is healthy, safe or even cruelty-free (no animal testing). It simply means that the ingredients do not include any animal byproducts.

This is why, in addition to being labeled vegan, Dazzle Dry is also listed as cruelty-free, hypoallergenic and nontoxic; which, in the nail care industry, is a BIG deal.

cruelty free nail polish

In fact, here are just some of the ways the entire Dazzle Dry line differs from other, non-vegan, nail care lines:


Obtained by crushing cochineal beetles, carmine is used to produce a vibrant red pigment for certain nail polishes as well as some food products. Dazzle Dry, however, uses other FDC-certified (synthetic and natural) pigments instead of carmine to make our nail lacquers.


Guanine is a popular shimmery pigment derived from fish scales. To avoid this, Dazzle Dry uses mica, synthetic mica (fluorphlogopite) and synthetic glass (borosilicates) produced with FDC-certified pigments to create our shimmers.


While urea can be derived from animal urine, it is more common these days for companies to use it in its synthetic form. Dazzle Dry uses synthetic urea produced through a chemical process using ammonia and carbon dioxide.

Stearic acid

Nail polishes contain a synthetically modified clay as thixotropic agent, an ingredient which allows the polish to maintain a high viscosity at rest to keep the pigments suspended. The modifier of these clays is stearalkonium chloride, which is derived from stearic acid. While stearic acid is found in both animals and plants, Dazzle Dry only uses the latter to maintain a vegan status.


A popular ingredient in cosmetics, lanolin is an oil extracted from sheep’s wool. Dazzle Dry products do not contain lanolin. Instead, we use squalane oil made from olives.


Glycerin is a humectant or moisturizing agent that can be produced from animal fat. Dazzle Dry, however, only uses glycerol from plant oils.


Collagen, elastin and keratin, whether whole or hydrolyzed, are all considered non-vegan as they come from animals, and are not used in Dazzle Dry products.

Beeswax / Honey

As the byproduct of bees, honey and beeswax are not used in Dazzle Dry products.

Thank you for being Dazzle Dry experts! Please contact us anytime if you need any further assistance.