Natural nails are a modified form of skin, made up of a tough layer of keratin that grows from the dorsal cuticles of the fingers and toes.

Natural nails have a protective function, helping the dense neural network in the extremities from being damaged, and they also work to increase the sensitivity of touch in the fingertips and feet. Besides, it is also a weapon for self-defense, attack, and nails also reflect the health status of the body.

In healthy people, each day the nails grow about 0.1-0.15 mm long, fingernails grow faster than toenails, the growth rate depends on different individuals (increasing rapidly in children and young people). , decreased in the elderly) and also varied between nails. Besides, the weather also shows a certain influence, specifically, the nail will grow faster in summer than in winter. The average growth time of the nail from the eponychium to the nail margin is about 6 months.


Nail composition

Nails have a structure similar to the stratum corneum of the skin, formed by the tight association between keratin cells to create a tough layer. Compared with the stratum corneum, the nail has a lower fat concentration of 0.15-0.75%, the sulfur concentration is about 3%, which is higher than that of the stratum corneum.

Hair and nails have different shapes, but both are synthesized from the same amino acids.

Unlike bone, calcium does not affect nail growth. In the fourth month of pregnancy, the fetus begins to form nails on the fingers. Nails grow continuously throughout life.

Foundation structure

Nails have a complex structure consisting of 3 layers:

  • Nail plate: made up of stratum corneum, growing continuously throughout life, pink because lying on the nail bed has many nourishing blood vessels.
  • Nail bed.
  • Ventral matrix: the place where blood vessels are gathered, responsible for supporting and developing the nail.
natural nails

Natural nails grow from a special group of cells called the matrix, which is rich in blood vessels, located under the nail halo (luluna). The nail halo is semicircular, milky white, formed by incomplete keratinization. Compared with other parts of the nail, the nail halo (luluna) is softer and does not fully interact with the nail bed. The nail bed plays the role of supplying water to the nail and ensuring that the nail grows in the right direction (along the nail edge). When the nail separates from the nail bed at the edge of the nail, the nail will no longer be supplied with water, so it is brittle and easy to break. The part of the skin at the tip of the finger, where the nail separates, is called the nail margin. The part of the skin that connects to the nail at the nail germ is called the eponychium, which protects the immature nail layers. Without eponychium, the nail often forms a scar and the new nail grows abnormally.


Normally, the foundation contains between 5-24% water depending on the ambient conditions. Like hair, the process of absorption and dehydration of nails also happens quickly. When water is absorbed, the nail expands, increasing in volume, mainly in thickness rather than length and width, due to the layered structure of the nail.


Natural nails can be damaged for many different reasons such as: nail clipping, use of beauty products, chemicals…

Natural nails are cut from the edge of the nail onwards, because in this part the water content in the nail is greatly reduced because the nail bed is no longer able to supply water, so the nail is brittle, easy to cut and does not cause pain. Cutting excess nails helps to facilitate activities in daily life.

The beautifying process also causes nail damage such as swelling and removal of powdered nails, as well as nail polishes. Therefore, it is necessary to choose reputable and good quality products to avoid nail damage.

In addition, in daily activities, bathing and washing are also capable of causing nail damage when the nails are in direct contact with soap chemicals and detergents, which wash away the lipid layer, as well as the amount of water in the nail.

nail damage


Nails might appear to be a little piece of the general appearance, yet they can say a great deal regarding your own style.

We investigated the advantages and deficiencies of both normal and fake nail styles, since we realize you've been allured by both similarly as we have.

The choice is exclusively founded on private inclination, and it's yours, however gauging the upsides and downsides could impact your choice.


Acrylic nails are well known inside all-counterfeit nail upgrades.

This look is accomplished by applying a combination of acrylic powder and fluid. When the item solidifies it tends to be changed into any shape wanted.

acrylic nails


Acrylic nails are an astounding decision for those with feeble nails. The acrylic glue considers the regular nail to fill long and gain strength since they are not presented to the external climate. This is an extraordinary choice for nail biters.

Acrylic nails last longer than gel nails and are generally less expensive, as well!

In the event that an acrylic nail severs, fixing it at home is conceivable. Assuming that the nail has a total separation it tends to be reapplied with nail paste to promise it goes on until the following excursion to the salon.

Acrylic nails hold clean significantly longer than the regular nail. The toughness forestalls undesirable chips in the variety.

In the wake of applying acrylics, the nail has a smooth, even surface to work with. Impeccable nail craftsmanship is a lot more straightforward to accomplish with this establishment.


In spite of the fact that acrylics can fortify nails while they are on, they can be exceptionally harming to the normal nail once eliminated. This is because of its firm adherence to the nail. Acrylics will debilitate normal nails after some time.

It is truly recognizable when acrylics develop out. It is important to get them filled each two to four weeks, turning into a successive cost.

Acrylics are a counterfeit improvement and will quite often look unnatural. In the event that you wish for a characteristic focus on your nails, observing a talented nail technician is pivotal.

Some expulsion procedures can be somewhat excruciating. Since it is the ideal opportunity for another arrangement of nails, doesn't mean the acrylics are prepared to fall off.

The synthetic substances utilized during the application interaction might represent an issue to delicate clients.

Natural nail

Natural nails can be a gift and a revile.

Assuming that normal nails are appropriately dealt with they can look smooth, straightforward and clean. Notwithstanding, nails that are not kept up with can look shabby and dull.

natural nails


Shaking normal nails can set aside a great deal of cash. The month to month cost at the salon can be totally disposed of with this strategy.

Clean can be applied and changed with no issue, considering adaptability. There are not many responsibilities with normal nails since clean can be taken off as effectively as it was placed on.

Nail beds will be a lot more grounded. Fake nails give a misguided feeling of solidarity and leave the nails harmed long haul. In the event that your normal nails are deficient with regards to solidness there are a lot of ways of fixing this normally.


Without a fake hindrance, normal nails are significantly more powerless to breakage. Frequently, regular nails will sever in the event that they get excessively lengthy and fingernail skin will begin to tear.

Nail clean doesn't remain sans chip as lengthy on normal nails. Chipped nail clean can be exceptionally baffling, particularly when it was just applied a couple of hours earlier.

Assuming normal nails are cut, broken or excessively short, it can bring about significant inconvenience. The skin under the nails should be safeguarded and is extremely delicate when uncovered.


Natural nails are better because:

The impacts of synthetic substances from acrylic nails and certain gel clean can cause shortcoming on the nail bed, and result in nail harm.

Different impacts incorporate malignant growth causing and endocrine-disturbing poisons that are invested in the body. These synthetic compounds incorporate formaldehyde, xylene, toluene, DPB, or camphor to give some examples.

Late investigations show that the poisonousness of the synthetics is in the body in something like 10 minutes of clean is applied.

Notwithstanding remarks as to Nex-Gen or Acrylic nails being protected, the nails are as yet having a compound non-permeable polymer applied. The non-permeable nature makes the nails hold in dampness. Dampness, when caught, can prompt organism and bacterial diseases on the nail plate.

The nails are demonstrative of the soundness of the body. At the point when they are compromised, the indications of missing minerals or nutrients will be remembered fondly.

natural nails look

Having the appropriate dampness balance in the nail plate energizes nail development. The perfect proportion of dampness begins with the fingernail skin.

Regular nails, when sound, will actually want to flex and endure typical development. This incorporates twists, breaks, and tears.

Extraordinary regular nails start with legitimate nail arrangement that incorporates the utilization of vitamin B5, hydrolyzed wheat protein, and calcium.

The utilization of vegetarian, savagery free nail clean permits the nail bed to remain sound.


Taking care of healthy shiny nails at home has never been so easy, if you know the following tips:

Keep your nails dry and clean

All nail problems are caused by bacteria, so make sure to prevent them from reproducing.

Always clean your nails regularly and dry them after washing them. Should use a small brush, apply a little salt and then gently rub the nail and surrounding skin. This prevents dirt and disease-causing bacteria from accumulating.

Don't let your nails get too long and clean your nail tools regularly.

Stop biting your nails

Using your mouth to bite causes a lot of damage to the nail. Nail biting is unsightly, when it comes in contact with saliva, it also makes them weak and brittle.

In addition, putting your fingers in your mouth will easily transfer dirt and bacteria from your fingers to your mouth.

Use moisturizer

Dryness and flaking are also harmful to nails and the skin around them. Nails are very fragile and break easily. Use a moisturizer to keep them shiny and healthy.

Wear gloves for protection

When doing housework such as washing dishes, doing laundry, many cleaners contain chemicals that will harm nails when in contact with them.

A simple solution is to wear gloves to protect the skin of your hands and nails. Regularly clean gloves after use, dry them to ensure no harmful bacteria accumulate.

Regularly cut nails

Similar to clipping, nails when cut regularly also help them stay strong. Please use the press or use the nail clipper to cut and break.

Time every few weeks to trim and shape your nails as desired. It is advisable to cut the nail in a straight line, then re-sharpen the tip in a square or circular shape.

Cuticle care around the nail

The cuticle helps to attach the nails to the skin of the hands, but they are very fragile and cute. By then, well up the good layer expression is an important section of the job care.

When the skin area near the nail, please processors, treat gently so as not to injure or cause pain. Cannot off or pick the cuticle layer.

Moisturize the cuticles by applying coconut or almond oil and massaging gently.

Apply a coat of top coat for protection

Base polish forms a protective layer, preventing nails from discoloring and yellowing.

The use of a topcoat also makes nails look beautiful, shiny and stronger. Especially, if you want to paint, don't skip the previous coat for protection.

Do not manually scrape off the previous layer of paint

Shaving nail polish is the worst thing we shouldn't do. It causes the nail surface to become rough and patchy. At the same time, the top layer of the nail polish is lost.

Instead of vigorously scraping off the paint, you should use a towel or nail polish remover.

Use Gel and Acrylics

Gel and Acrylic nails are beautiful but sadly we are giving away the big brand name pages for nails. Acrylic has many chemicals, which dry out the nails and harm the surrounding skin. The same gel used also causes a lot of damage to the nails, both of which make the nails weak, weak, and dry.


Nail polish is one of the indispensable beauty preferences of women, choosing a suitable product will increase your own beauty effect. At the Dazzle Dry system, Dazzle Dry works without compromising the integrity of the natural nail. Our hypoallergenic line is formulated free from reactive ingredients, animal byproducts and animal testing, making it the cleanest performance polish in the industry.

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