5 Reasons Why Supermodels LOVE Dazzle Dry

5 Reasons Why Supermodels LOVE Dazzle Dry
5 reasons why supermodels love Dazzle Dry

Dazzle Dry recently went backstage at the Versace Pre-Fall 2019 runway show at New York Fashion Week. All 65 models got the DD treatement, models include Gigi Hadid, Hailey Baldwin, Kaia Gerber, Emily Ratajkowski and many more!

1. Quick drying
When you're on the go getting glammed up for fashion shows, red carpet events and exclusive parties everyday sometimes with back to back commitments and little time to get ready, the faster you can get made up the better! No wonder models love Dazzle Dry! A DD mani air dries rock hard in 5 minutes, absolutely no risk of smudges or messing up your fresh nails for the runway.

2. Vegan/cruelty free
A huge following on social media means a great platform to advocate for causes close to your heart. With many celebs opting for a vegan diet, advocating to end animal testing or refusing to wear fur, cruelty free products are becoming a glam sqauds preferred product to use for a models pamper session. DD is completely vegan and cruelty free so it's the perfect choice!

3. Non toxic
We all know that the more chemicals in something then typically the worst it is for you. We are very proud of Dazzle Drys non toxic formula, it's hypoallergenic, free of harsh chemicals, no UV light required and is safe for children to use and pregnant women. This is one of our main selling points that attract big clients like the fantastic glam team who used DD behind the scenes on all the models at the Versace runway show!

4. Chip free
The designers and glam teams behind runway shows and the directors of photoshoots are usually all perfectionists. If a model doesn't look her best it can reflect poorly on the designer or the hair/makeup artists, if it's a photoshoot they might even have to resort to photoshop to fix the problem. Chipped nail polish? No way! That's why Dazzle Dry is such an amazing option for models because it's chip free for up to 3 weeks!

5. Strengthen the nails
Sometimes models will have to wear several different polish shades in one day for photoshoots, runway shows and red carpet events. Typically when you apply, remove and reapply nail polish too frequently the harsh chemicals in polish and nail polish remover damage the nails. We already know that Dazzle Dry's formula is non toxic but not only does it not damage your nails but it is actually healthy for them and helps strengthen them! No wonder they choose DD!

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