Collection: Reds and Corals

Huge selection of natural nail lacquers in red and coral shades.

Check out our collection of beautiful red and coral nail lacquers. If you like distinctive and energetic colours that wonderfully emphasize your personality, you've come to the right place. In our offer you will find deep, intense colours like chocolate red, berry red or rich red with a touch of shimmer. If you prefer a little less-catchy colours you can choose among many shades of coral like warm pink coral or warm terracotta coral. If you look for a party nail colour you will love shimmery candy apple red. All the lacquers have a vegan, quick-drying formula.

Red & coral nails - for timeless and feminine look

Those vibrant colours are for confident, decisive, and full of positive vibes women. Red is an absolute classic and it looks super stylish in any shade. Red goes well with elegant and casual stylings. Coral shades are more romantic and sweet - they will emphasize your femininity and bring out a girlish charm. They are perfect especially for summer as they look very beautiful in sun rays, but you can wear them all year long.